Thursday, April 21, 2016

White America calls Hawaii "Garbage"

I wish I were sitting  next to Teddy Roosevelt this morning, founder of of the USA National park system. Instead it sounds like I was sitting about 2 bar chairs away from a developer planning to destroy Hawaii.

At breakfast this morning a Caucasian couple were discussing bringing jobs to Hawaii. They called the Kaneohe landscape "Garbage", the man called me garbage, and that they need to "get rid of it" so they can "get jobs to more people they will bring here" and "get rid of the local "garbage" citizens as well. 
They sat to the left of me. 
My breakfast view looking down. 

Not the kind of breakfast I want to stomach, being peaceful and trying to relax on my own. Seems like quite a few mentions of building contracts going on. Everyone else's problems are theirs.