Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sanders so far Left he's the Old Right wing. Caucus vs. Votes

Watching CNN this time, they have a point.
The huge line of Sanders' supporters who were registering with the Democratic National Committee for the first time.   The talk in Hawaii during the march 26th Caucus was, Hillary doesn't do well at the Caucus. Hillary was outnumbered over 15% after my first line-count at 10:30AM before the caucus Presidential Poll opened at 1PM Hawaii Time. I volunteered the morning of the Hawaii Caucus in Waikiki handing out a limited supply of buttons and stickers, and a few signs printed on ecological paper. I was happy my ballot went in my district's box 1st for Hillary.

Hawaii Caucus: Some of the people in the Sanders line were definitely Republicans whom I went to spiritual group with (before I quit going due to their absolute Hatred of business values we collided on.) The antagonism in the spiritual dojo from them drove me out. All of those republicans I saw in line were/are Asian-American, Japanese, or Hawaiian mix (and Hawaii Local raised).
An ugly personality, pro Sanders mom who sent their kid to NYC for University came out screaming at me one day. Claiming that her kid is voting for Sanders in NYC. I wonder if that kid, who may have registered in NY, keeps their student aid for becoming a NY State citizen? I know I took off from my Higher Ed. in Ithaca, NY just to become a New Yorker. However, Ithaca had a Socialist Mayor at the time, who left the entire city with tremendous debts when done his terms.

per CNN: The News that Bernie Sanders is Ralph Nader. That is complete BS!
Ralph Nader, even in the 2000 Florida vote against Bush, was a citizen warranted candidate. Ralph Nader has made a point that his nomination as President needs to be entirely supported by Citizens without his own money. Nader is very different from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, and anyone else whose name has ever been on the Presidential nominee ballots.

  If it weren't for the severity of Bush winning 2000, I probably would have voted for Righteous Ralph. Instead, I was on the Gore campaign (being around the Clinton Boys) voting in the midst of Bushland- Sarasota/Bradenton area.  What was lost in that election wasn't just a presidency.
We (Clinton crowd) lost a slew of infrastructure deals/additions that were to make the East Coast rail systems more complete or prolific (such as fast Rail from Rochester to NYC). And, Hawaii a Bernie State made the same mistake on its rail deal by not accepting the Bombadier bid.  Today, with past weeks news, Hawaii is backwards some $800million on the incomplete rail by accepting the China bid. Oh yeah, That's not to mention the complaints I've heard coming from another Bernie Sanders area called Seattle. The complaints are over the Chinese steel again, the quality is low and some companies have blacklisted Chinese steel products from their inventory & equipment. The liability is too high.