Monday, April 18, 2016

USA military, Philippines & Hawaii

Hawaii's land parcels are on the map. The residential land surrounding Pearl Harbor naval base is still mapped out and zoned as Military Zone. This is the area of Oahu that is grossly "owned" by Filipino homeowners (not landowners) who pay mortgages by housing USA military service members, and directly collect "rent" from BAH (basic allowance for housing) USA military. 
The women constantly pressure and canvass young suitable men to marry their daughters and cousins from this steady housing lottery the US Navy brings to Oahu. That is of course also keeping Philippines the sex industry alive for the abroad stays in the Philippines by the US military men. It is a continuation of American dominance and use of Asian women much like the Vietnam era prostitutes. Aside from both sides being tragically devoid of modern USA civil rights;- it is the "acceptable" use of immigrants to the USA amidst the Republican doors of racism.