Monday, April 18, 2016

US Presidential Candidates- my quick thoughts

Presidential Candidates:

Donald Trump- is a demon, though with a truthful note. Aside from slews of American people who have worked for Trump, he is a "bastard" employer that many found hateful.  He polarizes the contents of the USA and has used his campaign to be outspoken to World leaders about what and who actually reside in the USA, backyard BBQ culture, surface to the world front.

Bernie Sanders- is a "Fucktard". He's that pathetic, stereotypical, vomitous, putrid, Caucasian, "progressive" brand of politics that screams to fulfill OCCUPY interests as a president. That is Blatantly full of deceit and lies under the surface of "Global Harmony". Maybe he does appeal to the African-American crowd that needs Civil liberties, yet too many African-Americans attempt and do sexually exploit the Asian-American women in the USA to bridge their racial disparity within acceptable American concerns. That is aside from the typical White, Male progressive rhetoric being that they are making Asian-American women equal by stealing everything from us possible as "Equals". These guys are extremely offensive. And, the international community knows that it doesn't save Asian lives studying abroad either.
Most of Hawaii's Democratic caucus participants voted for Bernie;- however most of them have not had to live for more than a college term on the USA East Coast amidst the Hub of American Progressive culture.
The fallout from the Republicans vs. Hillary battle is that Bernie Sanders is seen as more of a pushover President/ Commander in Chief and a definite go to for the Seals & Black Ops soldiers who are finding Trump a hard act to support.  They are undermining the peaceable business efforts in the Civilian realm as a result. 
Sanders' claims to be pro campaign finance reform. He wants free public education. In practise it will open a doorway to industries that supports government to keep their grip on the American workforce. It can easily lead to failures in the democratic system of citizens initiatives against the involved corporations.  There is nothing I like about this man & his campaign. In actual practise, his platform will serve the evils it claims to purport.

Hillary Clinton- Tougher than Margret Thatcher. She ACTUALLY has created jobs and brought more money to the USA minority dominated states than anyone. I completely admire her and her previous efforts to integrate Women first in international business. This, terrifies men.
She has the most terse environment to handle, and her current job position has attracted the hate of US military troops over the widely publicized Republican prompted film. That is her current, biggest downfall. The Special Forces & Navy Seals and Black Ops soldiers do not like her. They know their own have "Fallen" under her command and that alone is hateful and makes them afraid to elect her at all. These soldiers garner more business and military support and will likely re-direct Hillary's campaign efforts to Bernie Sanders and definitely Donald Trump.