Friday, April 08, 2016

Unpacking Asians on Oahu

To most mainlanders, all Asians are the same on Oahu. Hawaii is a more complex state and is diverse with a segment of non-English speaking. It is a  Hub of international & domestic legitimate business, black market business, government contractors, mafia families & Bloods, high school gangs & kid drug dealers, private USA citizens, and military soldiers of all branches.

People of Asian descent on Oahu

1. "Hawaii born Locals"migrant farmworkers from China & Japan who came to Hawaii long before the USA took it over and declared Hawaii the 50th state for statehood. 

2. International tourists from All Asian nations.

3. International military from Asian nations  including China & Japan.

4. International land owners - hold Hawaiian land and or building/ air space rights.

5. Mainland raised 1st generation Asian-Americans who transplanted to Hawaii during the Patriot Act especially.

6. International Gangs/Mafia - Many
- Yakuza are from diverse international backgrounds (White, Black, Korean, Vietnamese) yet operate through Japan. Japanese Yakuza are more frequently from the Big Island/ Hilo. 
They are especially known with the USA military crowd as their go-to for women in the sex industry. Hawaii is a stopping point for USA military & ships returning from deployment. A century in existence and organizationally older than the State of Hawaii, yakuza have proliferated the young Hawaii state as legitimized business people who network together and have spiritual Dojos/temples that they support.
Most Americans don't know the complexities of Japan or Asian culture and business's as well as the plethora of unfamiliar and typical Japanese surnames. This makes the culturally superstitious Americans easy to be manipulated by yakuza because they are a #1 source for Asian cultural knowledge in the USA.