Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trying to eat @ Ruby Tuesday

Undercooked & not fried zucchini looks unappetizing and not worth appx 15$ since they said they can't cook spaghetti squash. Server told me after I ordered and waited a while. Then came back & said they would be able to make fried zucchini & Marinara. After the past 2 weeks of being sickened with rat poison in my coffee and bruises appearing, I got upset and feel I can't trust the staff.
The staff at this Valkenburg Ruby was very shady. They couldn't put an acceptable edible dish in front of me inside 45 min. They said they couldn't serve me spaghetti squash which was in the menu they handed to me when I sat down & when I complained that food looked undercooked if at all.
I just walked out of there shaking...I ate a pack of cashews a while ago. Barely had enough veggies since early lunch. Not trustworthy at all.