Friday, April 08, 2016

Social responsibility Untelevised, Ww3 & Terrorism gets attention.

I have found that the haters in Hawaii who hate on me are definitely, from appearances, diverse, and hate Japan and love private security contractor checks;- largely includes the African-American crowd at large. 
Most of them want to move more guns, and "kill more" so they can make money.   

I have received plenty of death threats in the past 12 weeks on Oahu. I no longer trust Anyone for time is short for peace. 

The American-Asians or those with Green Cards on the island are more inclined to jealousy due to their centuries past as migrant farmworkers or Fresh off the boat status. Since it's America they all take delight in actively sabotaging my personal security on every level due to my relatives involvement in infrastructure and security on an international scale. 

In total, as a Bernie Sanders & Trump state, They are actively encouraging WW3 & terrorism. These people seem to get an elated egotistical high from helping to encourage Mass destruction since they are happily excused from social responsibility by actual American Mainstream culture.