Sunday, April 03, 2016

Shellfish & Hawaii's Shopping Malls

Honolulu, Hawaii has a monstorous addition to the original mall near Ala Moana Beach park.
I took a few walks through the Mall. And, aside from most mainlander USA folk scoffing at Adults "hanging out at the Mall" (an otherwise High School teen behavior);- I also don't cruise at the Mall too often.

My acute allergy to shellfish and the molecular pollutants from Fried shellfish make me steer away from areas that are adjacent to Shrimp, Crab, & Lobster restaurants. That includes the Old portion of the Alamoana Blvd. mall and a popular bar that hosts some live music. None of the restaurants keep the allergens contained.  The molecular drift from a nearby tempura restaurant,  caused my respiratory system to become severly irritated and begin shut down while standing over 25 feet away. The door to the tempura place was also shut while I was reading the Directory/Map of the new Wing.

Also, people generally cause uproar if i tell them not to grab me, or kiss me on the cheek, or touch me;- especially if i know they have been out dining. The Shellfish contaminant causes rise to my skin rash outbreak for weeks. The people here really need a lesson in keeping their hands to themselves and are introduced to a "stranger" such as yours truly when out & about. 

All personal security aside;- its all not secure for me.