Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Our Japanese "unregistered" Peace Mission to the USA

One thing both sides of  my Family Had previously agreed on was PEACE, and that my efforts did not come from another generation of Military minds. I, as well as my family has lost my other 2 siblings to unnatural causes. I am the last one of this original "Peace Mission."
Due to the way that international passports work, and the attention that they attract;- this Mission was decidedly meant to be peaceful in every way. That meant not carrying any Diplomatic passports that would have legally fallen with knowledge to the Government;- protection under the Vienna Convention. However cordial the Vienna Convention is to be;- most diplomats understand the attention that carrying the Diplomatic Passport brings. It attracts additional issues because of the responsibilities as well as the the challenges that average citizens& Military  create to form official "International incidents."

Today on my drive when tears rolling down my face, I was thinking about my family's last extension of  allowing me to bring a friend from the United States to meet them. And, I just have only tears rolling down my face today because there is no one who I can think of.
Hey all. I just wanted to say hi and it's been a while since I've seen a lot of you. I don't know if we'll meet again in person but I have a message for you and I hope some of you who watch this listen to me take this into consideration.

Things in this world are obviously not always as we think they are. Along time ago the United States released to nuclear weapons on Japan, one of my Original home countries. After the reparations  "MONEY" ($$$$$$$that everybody in the United States treats more as a grudge against Japan)  that was  given to Japan;- there were some families who are trying to figure out how to establish peaceful relations between Asia and United States. One of those countries was Japan. There were some of us who are from families that decided to make an effort to extend a peaceful sort of understanding to the United States in an effort to deter nuclear warfare. The bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki were traumatic on the civilian Japanese population. Over 180,000 Japanese civilians were murdered by the United States others in Asia consider this an act of terrorism. For those of you who have met me most of you look at me as an  ethnic (poor or otherwise)

The USA side of my heritage has had a long history of service in  the US military - US Navy Harvard Navy School to Granddad in training  Army K9 (I met Eric Knight's daughter) to Uncle's on  USS Langley, Iwo Jima and one & Korean War  tank commander, lastly my "Dad" who was USAF Office of Special Operations.

That I am supposed to be treated like some under class citizen by most of the "Teachers" piano or otherwise,  I've had in the USA and given the privilege to see only a glimpse of what American life is like.  And  never was  included in the positive cycle of things financial or otherwise  here in the United States even while in the presence (or especially) the Wechsler's, Audi's, and Breed Families. Some tried to make efforts to include to include me, while the others threatened my life regularly.

 I know there were  others who are from families of stature in Japan & only of Japan who came to the USA on green cards for decades. One example was the Nakajima family I knew while growing up and we even "vacationed" together 1x. However, I heard they returned to Japan after 9-11 because they were on Green Cards. When I was growing up I thought the Japanese families around me were like me, and part American. It took the Patriot Act for my understanding of events to take hold.
 It is not that we are all equals in Japan as everyone has a different role to play  but, the United States attributes importance of someone with the amount of money they make, and disregards those who make less. In my case, I have had a very financially poor life while being in the presence of some of the USA's wealthiest individuals and families in the Registry.

Since this is somewhat a transcript of my videoing myself talking about these things- I am very sad today. On my drive to my spiritual meditation group I had tears just rolling down my face today.

I was thinking about something that I could never share with anybody who is ever associated themselves with me as a so called friend. As most of my "friends" taunted and ridiculed me and being called a stupid ethnic discriminated against and unable to afford to see my relatives in Japan. The taunting in college from the UN team members, and from other people besides our Japan hating college president JJ Whalen;-  was not just child's play but it shows what my  generation X had in mind for the world.
Despite the actions of my American peers, I actually was here to share and represent  the peace that Japan & my relatives wanted after Hiroshima & Nagasaki were bombed.
One of the thoughts that crossed my mind today was the cherry blossoms that are in Washington DC. All the Americans rave about the Japanese who gave them the Cherry blossoms the Japanese from the southern part of Japan. But they never stop to think where those cherry blossom trees really came from. There is a place in Japan in northern Japan called Kakunodate. The weather is much colder there and the trees are hardier stock. So when it was decided that Japan was to make this gift to the United States of cherry trees as a symbol of peace the seed things themselves originated from Kakunodate, Akita-Shi prefecture  they came from Akita, Japan because they were heartier and more likely to survive fridgid & wet Northeast winters because we're close to the same parallel. Those seedlings made a trip to southern Japan and from there they were offered as a gift to the United States. This evenings in Washington DC came from our my family's Village in Japan.
So today on my drive to my meditation group, I had tears streaming out of my eyes and they still are. My family and Japan told me my last trip, that I could bring with me one friend. And today after all the hardship that everyone I have met in the United States has put me through all the Riddick you are you have put me through all the hurt the hospital bills the assaults the abductions everything that you have put me through I cannot think of one person who I would bring with me after 41yearsin the United States. I am deeply offended. 
There are women who hate me just because I look different period there are Asian women who hate me because I speak English well period there are men who only want me for sex and to treat me more like a dog period there are men who think I'm a porn star and attack me in the United States period there are all sorts of people who like to think and ridicule me becauseI was born Japanese period you insult meas if you think your politics are going to make the United States better period and today I realise I don't have one person from the United States who I would bring with me to meet my family and hope for peace because I can't trust anyone period
This is probably a story most Caucasians in regular Americans not care to hear or read or share an activist will put me down because I speak English and that alone makes them challenge everything about me and puts me into their lying circle where they can my about me as they have so done for over 30 years of my life. I know that I have met many professional activists and I have seen the politics of environmental and peaceful activists,as well as the regular politics that they so slender additionally.

I take great offense to American citizens wrongly categorizing me based on their limited knowledge of Japanese culture. One of the reasons is due to APEC/TPP/ABAC meeting that I attended. For the safety of the Country, for the safety and security of the people's of the planet. Over 15 years ago I worked for and learned from an Entrepreneur who founded PeopleSoft. He was in competition with another company whose executive founder resides in Hawaii.
At the meeting we were encouraged to develop and find technologies that would enable the resurrection of businesses, supplies, daily life quickly after a disaster. Those technologies are things like the Cloud, and other means of functioning after  hardware is in running condition.
The onset of Public Relations campaigns that groups like Yakuza is a major threat to the systems regaining strength with a community in shambles. One of the newer items is having a biometric or other implant as a means of accessing data, financial records, accounts, money. When all other hardware including buildings are destroyed, and you, the person is all that is, who is left;- having a system of recovering documentation and finances is imperitive.