Tuesday, April 19, 2016

North East Gun Hub - Pennsylvania

A tiny bit of History about Guns on the East Coast (north East):

Old Ithaca Gun in Ithaca, NY was a part of US history with Annie Oakley as one of the more famous patrons in the Shooter world.  Ithaca, NY is also part of old Clinton family history and Clinton Hall still remains a fixture across Cayuga Street from the old Masonic Lodge that has been a turnkey for College nightclubs.

Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is the Hub for East Coast gun storage. The laws in Pennsylvania governing gun ownership still stand almost in congruence with the old original Constitution itself.

Pennsylvanians as well as their States influx of homeowners from New York, New Jersey, and Maryland enjoy the stockpile of home stocked weapons. Gun transport out of Pennsylvania is becoming severely monitored. Also, Pennsylvania has a surge of homemade guns that are virtually untraceable. Some of these guns have been made in the Keystone state by local companies which posses/ possessed the machinery and computers to make modern style weapons. They are long graduated by the traditional blacksmith way of making a gun.

Yours truly writing here grew up not too far from the tracks of Bethlehem Steel Factory that Donald Trump's crowd turned into a Sands Casino. The outskirts of Old Bethlehem are surrounded by a large Latino community that integrated themselves against the local grain of White supremacy.

Philly Bartenders used to pass guns under the table for the mobs to make an easy 50k salary a year. Commuters find easy travel into their work states that surround the Pennsylvania borders due to lower sales taxes will be upset if there is anymore tax increase for the "working poor."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania had already gone bankrupt by 2005 as I ran into an ex DNC organizer canvassing for information. The local government made no announcements to its constituents back then and abruptly began shutting down schools a decade later.

Keeping people safe and secure in Pennsylvania has always been a feat. However, most of the common knowledge violence came from baseball bats, bowling pins, the armed police, and a barrage of non-class 3 weapons. One of the biggest violent threats to the City of Brotherly Love was around 2002. I heard that the threat came from  a HUD (Housing & Urban Development) leader who wanted to bomb part of Philadelphia.

Changing requirements to purchase guns in Pennsylvania will only push the NRA efforts toward the cottage industry of gun making.