Friday, April 01, 2016

My Vegan Diet -Today 31st March

Today I splurged on carbs (day off protein) after talking to a new nutritionist to me the nutritionist @ the gym I frequent. Her advice was to add poi or sweet potato carbs since I told her I kept crashing on my new water soluble diet after workouts. Today's food rang in @ $28. I shopped at Target and got local Hawaiian poi, almond milk, and bai5 bubbles. Close to average Hawaii price for a day of food with fresh veg's. 


I'm not supposed to eat grains at all (not just processed ones) but, I did eat those memorable Slave mentality based foods today from Panda.

1. 1lb poi (508cal) - ate 1/2 morning 1/2 night ($7)
2. panda bowl mix vegs- with BAD grains of low mein & chow fun-- they say all vegan.($7.80)
-- actually don't trust the eggplant tofu to be vegan here anymore. 
3. 1 gallon Califia Farms almond-coconut milk ($4) with 1 packet of mint Green2o ($2.87)mixed in. -better to dissolve Green in warm H20 1st.
4. 3oz Bai5 blood orange juice ($2) with BioSil drops.
5. 1 12oz iced coffee(3.60), 1tsp raw sugar
6. 2 Tbsp blanched almonds

My energy level is much better despite a more mentally stressful day than normal. This was a complete change from my daily protein diet. And I feel super full. And I didn't crash after eating all of this huge food for me.

Yesterday, I was invited to hear a band play at Hardrock (an ex coworker the singer)- my diet yesterday after the nutritionist chat steered carb wise to 1 rice dream mocha cookie, and a Dirty Martini 3olives & vegetable stack at Hardrock. I had a panda plate I split 2meals breakfast & late lunch with mostly mixed veggies, then eggplant tofu + some chow fun. 1protein shake with my coffee.