Thursday, April 21, 2016

my Personal Security- Hawaii

There are so many people in the "Security" industry. Those I have met follow an American style way of  getting paid. First they all collaborate to cause a security problem.  For me, this includes #1  their  hacking and monitoring my phone :- despite my having to let anyone know my schedule and whereabouts due to terrorist threats. It is a National security issue;- and largely depends on the maturity of those who participate. Most security personnel or representatives consider creating international incidents their "Power". 

So far those who have interfered with my life and well being and on my official shit list include: Personal& Corporate  Security Contractors for firms competing with the Takenaka Corporation,  Honolulu Police Department since 2009, Hawaii State based Feds since 2009, Secret Services in Hawaii since 2009, Yamaguchi Gumi since 2004, Al-Quaeda since 2004, NY Yakuza since 2003, IRA Supporters and members in Massachusetts - Pennsylvania Since 2006,  USA Domestic White Supremacists groups since 1977, Rosicrucian - since childhood threatened to shoot me with a shotgun. All of the above along with their potential& new recruits have been life threatening to me.