Sunday, April 03, 2016

Money & Water is Lost in Translation - Export-Import

Still baffled as to WHY China & Japan buy USA debt. Here's an example below, of 1 item.

I don't remember if I blogged on my rant about how Network Marketing and Other products are creating a huge rift in the Global Financial Schema.
It's all Money that is Lost in Translation.

FOOD from street vendors in 3rd world nations, to the Capitol's of the 1st World's upper echelon;-
Food packaging and labelling, as well as marketing and educational PR to prompt "Euro-Centric" Americans to participate.

IE: A Package of Black Sesame seed crackers that a "progressive" person (environmentally conscious too) purchases at their local Cooperative market or "Health Food" store.

In USA- AMERICAN STYLE                                     In Asia - ASIAN STYLE
1. Is a round flat wafer                                            1. Usually a small thick rectangular noodle cracker
2. Limited Count in a Thin Plastic holder               2. No cracker count, is sold by weight
3. Has an additional Thin Plastic cover                   3. In a plastic bag (from bulk or pre-weighted).
4. Printed in English explains the Cracker              4. Has list of ingredients (somewhere).
5. Retails @ $5.69USD/ 24 crackers                       5. Can purchase for <$1 for 16oz in 3rd world

In 1999 when I worked at a National Merchandising Firm HQ out of college;- I was told that the Big Block Chain Stores were already open to set design for LESS PACKAGING in their stores. They had asked me to get into the Floor Planning for purchase control;- trying to integrate what they defined as more Ecological. Since I just had 3 years of working on Water related environmental issues;- I FAILED TO SEE HOW SELLING MORE SOAP & DETERGENT & HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS benefits the planet. That goes with MAKEUP that needs SOAP & CLEANSERS that goes in the water for removal. In Fact, I couldn't even justify doing a floor plan purchase scheme for a 6BILLION person world population to purchase HAIR COLORING/ DYE that goes in the water supply.
To date;- I'm still failing to see the change in Big Block Stores;- that includes tossing tubes of plastic containers in bins on the walls of some of the stores. Selling more containers of water contaminants on Palates, in Bulk.