Sunday, April 24, 2016

Military Navy Officers & Export-Import

Being that I am supposed to represent the USA for Export-Import the "Stay away" warning I received was put to me as a Matter of International Business & PR. The effects are showing up with this year's presidential candidates (particularly Donald Trump's negativity).  Last year I was informed during the Confederate flag upheaval;- to stay away from most of the caucasian Officers. They have the potential with their clearances to create additional international upset.  There was a high percentage of them who kept Confederate flags in their quarters/ apartments/homes on military base housing. Though none of those who I knew at the time had any on display, I stayed away to minimize any risk associated with that additional domestic/internal USA  issue.

I don't know that much has improved though in both the Hawaii Civilian community and the Hawaii Military community. As my own research indicates;- there are too many Trumpites on island for me to have much reasonable safety after the past 2.5 months of [Red Alert personal security.
I am a civilian, and I am a private citizen. I am looking at over $900k for initial startup funds that should come from a legitimate and non-military interest in Export-Import for the USA.