Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Make International Trade a NGO issue. UN protections only.

TPP, Presidential Candidates, and new EX-IM

The United States does not need international trade. Every single presidential candidate running this season seems to agree. I waited 6 years for the ASEAN nations Japan partner to join in negotiation for the TPP in 2011. I have waited another 5 years to hear that my favorite Hillary Clinton @doesn't like the deal", mind you that I  rep'd the USA. And last night I got a reminder from an Asian rep type person that I should QUIT my current job in the USA. That leaves me without income at all AND no social services support. The USA still hasn't lightened up since dropping the Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nearly a year ago in  2005, my 3rd party intermediary was terminated. It left me running for my life from the staunch republican interest and  without sufficient support in the USA. That is despite my meagre attendance at APEC 2011 for a show of face & Japan announcing they would enter into TPP negotiation talks  with the USA.

 The special missions that ran through China and other parts of Asia circa WW2 helped open conversation for trade with the USA. The post-Vietnam war era lead to more Recon efforts of Asia and new marriages and family relations with  America's United States and Asian nations. Only a generation away, ASEAN countries have mostly decided to try and accept a "Deal" to do trade with the USA. Despite USA Armed Forces' interest in opening certain trade routes;- some people, especially in ASIA,  disagree that it should be US  military initiated.

I'll add more later... I'm just about ready to step out of the USA, as there is no indicator that the US Military will cease to hinder my well being. Additionally that there may be some "gang wars" and assassinations to hit the Hawaii & NY domestic shippers;- as it has come to my personal attention, so does my life feel in greater jeopardy today.