Friday, April 01, 2016


Cults & Spiritual or Religious factions today create supportive environments for their followers. Some cults are too destructive for their new members. My life in the USA has taken me through a spiritual realm of organizational business and value development in Environmental and Rights movements especially. I have spent a lifetime in the midst of how USA cults & domestic terrorist groups (such as White Supremacists) recruit and develop their organizations by living in some of their communities. All of the negative exposures that I had as a child prompted me to become the "ALICE" aka the vigilante to overcome the injustices. It is not really anything new to the world, except maybe making the statements in English as a primary observer's language. I suppose that the Asian continent is still curious as to what lies beneath the blood streaked Banner of Stars that lies across the Pacific.

Most people who gravitate towards cults do so because they have experienced childhood with some religious setting. The religious setting may have been one of the most peaceful times to interact with "strangers". If there was a meditation or other prayer time, this is a very powerful feeling because there is a sense of safety and trust in closing one's eyes and diminishing senses while reciting a prayer. Many times, all of these basic elements in a person's life are gradually overcome with hectic modern life. Unlike other regression periods, participating in religious or "Spiritual" groups is a socially acceptable adult practise.

OFFERING by the Cult, Religious faction or Spiritual group
- (Mission Statement) An inclusion in the group whose members have a Value System that is based on the appreciation of a common denominator;- singular (noun) Object, Ideal, Person.
- (Participation) The ability for members to participate in a supportive environment that supports the Value System.
- (Acknowledgement) Since many people are not going to give large sums of money (Pirates), the Social Acknowledgement from group must have a high value for the person's ego.
It is from this last portion the Social Acknowledgement that the Cult gains it's momentum and control.

Mind Control and Ego are common facets of Total Environment. Symbology has evolved in similar ways throughout the world;- yet homogenization of Symbology in meaning/definition is not uniform throughout the world.  I'm not talking about any traditional college courses here. These are attributes that I am attempting to define from my point of view at the organizational level of a Cult or group that is "Spiritually" inclined.

                    Actual Ego + Ideal Ego = Destruction or Resurrection of Ego

The Actual Ego, is the Ego in itself with it's natural flaws and understanding of Sin, Good & Evil.
When the Actual Ego enters the Cult, there is a significant impact of feeling "unworthy", due to dedication of time to values, that may be impressed on the individual. This unworthy feeling may be kept supressed by the new member. Some Cult members call this the testing period, other's use it as a crux for bending a person to surrender themselves to the Cult for fear of further rejection.

The Ideal Ego, (ie., the Divine person who is with God);- This is to say, some fantasized version of what life is like as a human, within human social constraints living perfectly with the Spiritual Value System. However, attached to the Ideal Ego is a typified Ultimate Personage. The Ultimate Personage is the spiritual version of Ideal Ego that is meditated upon and used for Actual Ego comparison check-in.

Destruction of Ego;- In fact, once the Prayer/Check-in with God/Meditation/Spell/Healing Energy is made the Actual Ego goes through a small, or large, destruction (aka to Humble oneself).  In extreme cases, the Actual Ego is annihilated/destroyed as a show of unworthiness in this realm of existence;- ie., Waco, Suicide bombers, Mass suicides. In a normal case, slight correction of an unbecoming behaviour or circumstance & attributing the correction to the Ultimate Personage/ Thaumaturgy/ God.
  • The Cult already knows that most people "will believe in" the 10% they hear that is good.
  • This Destruction of Ego is a small eye opening to see & change the 90% undesirable with the Cult's Value System.   

Resurrection of Ego;- The Actual Ego attains a "Theta state" while accepting the Cult programming. The Overall corrections to the Value System are comprehensive and emerge as to fit the desires/needs of the Cult. On a spiritual level, the Actual Ego has relaxed within the Cult environment and is attuned to the Value System in entirety and can insert pentagram to dictate change.

The Comic/Movie Deadpool uses the "Salvation Theory" justification theme
Incurable Death + Ultimate Cure = Deadpool

Spiritual Cults work on a similar platform.


write more later;- bedtime....m still sorting out all of this... groan. My worse than a vampire problem has subsided Skinwalker Navajo & Rosacrucians. Time taken over by retired? DELTA altar Military Contractor, Add back in JP Cult members tied to Yakuza gangs, and minus one Nutritionist who hates me who has White supremacy background and a huge Isis tattoo splayed on her back. I NEED SLEEP!!!!