Friday, April 22, 2016

Japan Died when China's Xi wrote directly to Emperor.

They say that Japan doesn't exist anymore. Hawaii is laughing scornfully at the world's 3rd largest economic power due to their spending stupidity. iOw:- they can't even negotiate with the US locals for help in saving money & being free. Their skills are pathetic. They also are inept at helping family members overseas. 
 Unless you are extremely wealthy as a Japanese citizen, you are helping your country take an economic step Backwards by vacationing in Hawaii, part of the World's #1 economic power as I can write today. 
The Japanese who come to the USA to study and do business through Hawaii are more naive to the reality of America than the rest of the English speaking world. Everyone in the USA knows that it buys people from less economic advantaged countries. And, the USA destroys countries that challenge it. 
My father was UsAF OSI was declassified in 2001 and talked about the USA covertly dropping bombs in countries (pre Internet) in peace-time to maintain control. Donald Trump wants to shut down the Internet, I'm sure that is one of the reasons. The "people of Japanese descent "who aren't US citizens seem to have failed basic logic globally. 
They still refuse to understand that everyone is waiting for Japan to Fail. China's Xi is taking over for the Japanese Emporer by crossing into Godly territory unannounced.

The people that come from the islands of Japaan can't speak English very well to defend themselves. The Hawaiian born sansei farm workers' descendents  claim that they are the Japanese Emporer's descendents when they are more likely Yakuza. When I attempt to verbally defend myself black women especially act as if I'm Korean and want a fiat fight. They are horrible here. I'm in my 40's and the ugliness of the men and women around me is putrefying. That is Hawaii.

To me, I'm constantly bombarded with other Americans including sansei laughing at the stupidity and naivety of the Japanese men and women who visit Hawaii. 
I'm mortified that my mother's culture is failing so much. I have never heard a single good word about my Jus Sanguis nationality from anyone. Ever. I have been able to lie that I am anything else under the sun, except Japanese.