Friday, April 08, 2016

I like to try nice products.

The other day, since my budget has gotten tighter than ever imagined, I went to the FaceShop to purchase my favorite sunscreen;  Natural Sun Eco: Ice Air Puff Sun. I got side-tracked. Though, I despise the aluminum package of the Natural Sun Eco: Ice Air Puff Sun has SPF50+ with burst of COLD Liquid Nitrogen, cruelty free, and made with Sunflower sprouts. I feel cans of any sort should be reserved for bomb shelter supply (to make a pipe bomb in war time later). We have enough metal clanging around the planet above ground to wake any remote life forms over a trillion light years away. Then again I also eliminated all forks & knives from my kitchen due to livid talks from some with PTS around me about dinnertime terrorist attacks and having nothing to fight with except utensils. I had one lone big blue plastic knife for veggies.  
USA ingredient requirements for products usually are posted in order of highest percentage% to lowest percentage%.
Good looking feet in Hawaii & Asia are sometimes more important than the sandals we wear. I was sold on a 25% off set of FaceShop Peeling products that included Smile Foot Peeling (smells like an old Seventeen magazine), Body Peeling mist (nice scent), and White Jewel Peeling Face Peel (smells like a generic mall perfume counter area) that came in @$29 + 4%tax= $32.

The Body Peeling Mist grabbed me because it is like a 1/2 dry shower. Its gentle, though I found difficult to get off some parts of me. It clings to oily spots and fine hairs and clumps as a result. I definitely wouldn't want to drink coffee before using it. You are supposed to use it on DRY skin, advised before showering. Then, the shower is used to rinse the nicely fragranced (not too strong) product from the body. It does leave the skin drier than I prefer, and a bit matte finish.

It's definitely different than my product since it does exfoliate, yet has a similar concept of dry shower. I like being more moisturized and not having to use additional lotion. And, I also prefer Organic.


Good things about the White Jewel Peeling:
  • Does react/clump with the extra oils that are under skin
  • EMF deflecting Tourmaline & Amethyst particles (great for tropical sun)
  • Leaves matte finish
  • Gentle
Needs improvement about the White Jewel Peeling:
  • Pearl powder isn't a vegan ingredient.
  • Methylparaben & Polyparaben
  • Fragrance is irritating & strong - OK if u can live at a mall perfume counter
Right now, I just finished using the White Jewel Peeling 1st time and even though It's 15min past my eyes are on fire from the parabens and fragrance (really strong mall smelling fragrance). I knew better. But, I thought I'd try it. The salesperson suggested I could use this peel on my body or hands to keep it away from my respiratory system. (it came in the pack) I think I'll pass it on or return it?

------------------------------------------Side note: 

I'm chemically sensitive so product usage lasts @ 1day to 3 mos. before bad reaction. I return the stuff or pass it on if possible. I do make my own stuff for myself...but I like to explore the products on the market like any other well groomed person.