Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hawaii politics a Harbinger for WW3

Yesterday I was stuck in traffic and contemplating a maximal 30min arrival time of North Korean Missiles once launched (with the jet stream). The past 6years I have been in Hawaii have resulted in a Major financial and social setback, in addition to my brother's gory death in 2005.

 Since most of Hawaii has given its voice to Trump and Sanders nominees, there is an even bigger lack of support and political clarity for me to contend with as a Hawaii resident. Many of the Asian-American Republicans still voted for Trump, and those who have half a brain switched and voted for Sanders. Irregardless, the backlash of Trump's hardcore racist antics are propelling the more savvy international Mexican, African-American, Japanese, Chinese, or Vietnamese local gangs, maffias, and black market collectives to make attacks on more legitimate Americans and other international citizens doing business. 

The enormous numbers of break-ins, thefts, and other abuse and slander that I have endured in Hawaii has made it impossible for me to survive much longer. That is, of course, aside from the initial derailment of my vacation in 2009. 
I have documented for security reasons, the extent of the most violent attacks that local & military authorities prompted with tremendous character defamation. 

I was a simple piano faculty/instructor and business organisational development consultant with well over 15years experience prior to arriving in Hawaii. 
I am struggling with the negativity of the Hawaii locals who run businesses that do not generate enough legitimate revenue for the state. The Feds & State also subjected me to a precarious position by giving  my identity to businesses they know deal in sex trade and other illegal activities, however harmless that they claim it is. 

The high cost of living and home owners (not necessarily landowners) raising rents to offset their own debts is a further glimpse into total financial inferiority.

I am praying for a place to live that is safe  and secure (not necessarily in the USA) and appropriate for me to endeavour on the EX-IM inter-government project with Japan I was asked to complete on behalf of the USA. If not, I accept that with ease and hope other ways to make a most agreeable  and more considerable paying living ensue.

Hawaii has been an extreme waste of my life's time. The local & Native people mostly have proven themselves highly immature and inappropriate for the current political and extreme weather climate.  Especially as my relatives abroad grow older each day. My business opportunity and that for the USA quickly diminishes.