Saturday, April 09, 2016

Global Shipping & Shutdown. Domestic handling only.

Quickie Summary:
The heightened consequences in EX-IM regulation have prompted some businesses to begin plans to Shutdown after clearing and shipping out their major inventories. This will take on a new online buying trend, as it will supersede other regular quarterly Fashion releases.  Soon only domestic buyers who have brought in product prior to the "at Large" shutdown will be able to have ample stockpiles to provide to the rest of the Online purchasing community. WW3 preparations are going to saturate the global demand for a 3-6 year buying spell as international warehouses exchange goods.
This should also assist with global safety and regulation issues. More focused searches can be done more effectively.
Searches for hidden weapons, and weapons of mass destruction carried in more ample cargo ( not boxes of shoes and other common goods) will have more attention from security. However, the initial common goods (shoes, clothing) shipments will take time and be delayed without an appropriate trained workforce to check individual package integrity for weapons components. This may cause delay at shipyards and initial heightened security measures for masses of shipping containers. That is until an appropriate workforce is trained, scrutinized, and hired. However, ship while weather is fair.
Additionally, this should result in some reallocation of workers to focus on growing internal/domestic issues with migrant populations and safeguarding their homeland supplies. If WW3 does ensue, this domestic common goods surplus should be enough to last 8-14 years in the worst case scenario.