Thursday, April 21, 2016

for a Fair Philadelphia & Pennsylvania

Reading about Hillary Clinton  or Any Democrat in Pennsylvania;-

Several thoughts come to my mind, since Trump has proven hisself to an ex-workforce.
There are good people in Philadelphia. My estimates are from a low income & temporary workforce starting @$9/hr over a 1 month period and includes over 3,000 Philadelphians.

What Philadelphia's low income crowd needs;-
  • FREE State or City  transportation to be more reliable workers.
  • Benefits to employers who provide work transportation to workers who make less than $36,000 a year including commissions.
  • Accessible Childcare that keeps children out of gang-fire zones to and from childcare.
  • Make it SAFE to go to work, &  being late for being safe isn't punishable by firing;- even a schedule adjustment should be considered rather than firing based on limited Company hours.
  • Adult English Literacy courses to fill out job applications and simple tests.
What Pennsylvania's 1% community needs to understand;-
  • Being Cash poor & not liquid, and having 100,000's in Assets does not make them eligible to apply for low income scholarship. They should be fined for putting in such an application.
  • The rich are taking opportunities from the poor in scholarships by" divorcing" to hide funds and lower the overall Household income so their children qualify for State Grants and financial need  Scholarships.
  • Paying someone, like myself, for a 26+hr payweek makes them an Employee who is entitled to benefits.
  • There needs to be Human Rights Commissions that are accessible and within 12 miles of any jurisdiction.
  • Adverse Discrimination against mixed-race & mixed Nationality marriages and families needs to harshly punished at a federal level. The DOD & 1% communities are creating international incidents that ignite more terrorism by being "too patriotic" of the Trump kind.