Sunday, April 10, 2016

Food temperature, storage, contamination

The past week, I ate from the DTE vegetarian market Pearl City salad bar 2x in the morning. 1x afternoon. I felt like I have food poisoning and very sick yesterday. I actually spit out the raw avocado because they tasted wrong & threw out the remaining salad. My stomach felt a little better after ingesting some coconut charcoal & yeah I ate a whole sauce & veggies pizza last night. I fell asleep afterwards. I have extreme joint pain from the grain based crust. Today, I still feel sick. I woke up and ingested more coconut charcoal. Melaleuca tea seems to calm down my stomach. 
I grabbed some veggies at Panda Express and saw the server do a temperature check on the fried rice. Makes my mind a little at ease. At least they check temp. No thermometers I saw at DTE vegetarian market on the salad bar either, in years I've eaten there.