Sunday, April 10, 2016

Feeling sick- day 4/5

My pillow, just had something snap in it like a rubberband through layers. Then the radical thought that it's a capsule full of a chemical raced through my mind. 

I ordered a pizza and the options I selected on my phone did my process in their system before I was charged ( Not registered through system=selected thin crust and spinach) Since I've been sick to my stomach lately- stress likely & trying to eat regular foods;- 

When the pizza arrived I went downstairs. This place doesn't have cameras like the Super 8 where I stayed and burned through my savings to stay alive from Pennsylvania based white supremacist/IRA/KKK/& Cheneyites trying to kill me since my brother's messy and tragic death.
So, I got pizza in the lobby. No key card to the parking level. Got something from my car. Got in elevator @ parking level...didn't need key card as people in elevator already. There is entry from street into parking garage. Got to my floor and 2 large people got out 1st. One guy randomly got in elevator still going up. (No keycard needed). Seems a lot different than normal place. I looked out my door before the pizza and all was quiet. Coincidence? Probably. Paranoid, I am.