Friday, April 29, 2016

Don't let them take your life

Past 2 days, I was nauseaus with stress for about 2 hrs. Looking at plane tickets and a trip to Kakunodate Sakura. I think I will postopone till August and try to secure a ticket to make the Star Festival for Obon. I will plan, that it is very possible  I may not return to the USA as I was asked 10 years ago. In anycase, August begins a very slow season here in Hawaii till big waves start up again for Surf Contests. I know, for my own personal safety, that it is unlikely that I can continue to live here in Hawaii. I'm looking at returning to Ithaca, NY (very difficult though).

I don't have anyone left in the USA and the business contacts I made for the Trans Pacific Protocol plans can't contact me while I'm in danger (such as Hawaii).

I need a new crowd of people and contacts who are beneficial in order for me to continue.
My own parents are extremely detrimental to me & the entire plan at this point. They seem to have had their own political agenda for the past 10 years. It's difficult for me to see who they are helping, and if their extreme actions are to protect me or kill me. I cannot trust them and they are holding all of my Piano studio posessions;- I cannot trust the Police there either for police escort to remove everything they were holding.

My father doesn't even allow my mother and I to communicate peaceably on the phone. Since he has destroyed most of our family, my family in the USA;- he and his friends I must say are planning to murder me. His friends include neighbors Lee Clymer & his Wife, Ex-Pastor Craig Landis;- those two for certain;- as my brother & I were both fearful for our lives back in 2003/2004 with the talk about trackhousing plans that our neighbourhood made - so Steven Tamburri was included in the mix.