Friday, April 01, 2016

Cults & "Salvation Syndrome"

A Cult to for me to Study:
In the case of the Spiritual dojo I studied for 1.5yrs and due to my family background;- Almost daily, after my initiation month the cult member attempted to apply acute physical trauma to my skull pressure point connected to normal sight and nerve receptors. I was expected to behave with great shame cast upon me if I was outspoken. My being outspoken resulted in several "spiritual disturbances" that were my actual requests that the members have no physical contact with me while in the process of giving light or okiyome.

How this began:-  In Spring of 2014 while I was at an already world famous homeopath's office, plagued with toxic mold in my bloodstream (without Candida) so I couldn't walk;- I was approached by a Japanese Cult ("New religion") group.
Create Biological Confusion = Toxic Mold = Incurable Doom
Catharsis = Obey Homeopath (Ritual) = Impassioned/Elated Existence
Salvation = Living & without most food = Extreme Phenomena
Follows a pattern that fits into ritual cult abuse protocol:
  • Exposure to Electro Schumann Frequency therapy
  • Change Diet to Minerals & Chlorophyllins - not as sports drink
  • Eliminate "spiritual contaminants" from normal food that grows on planet.
  • Coerced into receiving "light" and harassment by cult member(s)

;- they claimed I was going through a deep "spiritual cleansing" while I attended "light" sessions for 10months as a non-member. Despite cult members adversely affecting my life, being chased out of my home within a month;- becoming homeless with huge "nutrition" bills, I finally joined the Cult for a short period 2/22/2015-8/2015.  I officially resigned 8/2016 and turned in my @ Spiritual level 1 omitama due to their ensuing manipulations/coercion and acute/deadly physical trauma attempts on my head & spinal chord.

The other personal side-note about this cult is that the founder made the cult of a hodgepodge of Asian occult practices and was kicked out of other more established Asian/Japanese cults. The new cult members, as well as those at the Homeopath's office are heavily laden in Network Marketing products as well as having backgrounds in promoting old Nazi value systems such as Skull manipulation and grading, biological blood classification, and financial exploitation of less educated ethnic minority populations. They are English speaking figure heads who have had a dislike of my tribal Asian background from Siberia & the Kurils. Coincidentally, places where their "light giving" okiyome practices began from my tribes shamanic traditions.

My notes on "Salvation Theory" after reading the 1980's publication "DOJO: MAGIC & EXORCISM IN MODERN JAPAN" I ordered shortly after joining the cult. I ordered the book because many of the spiritual dojo members quickly changed behaviour after I "joined" and took the initiation course & ceremony. They began to behave abusively and malevolent spiritually. Their behaviour was similar to other cult behaviour I experienced in my childhood. The  quickly confirmed and explained the main ideas that were enveloped in their particular "Sect."

  1. The main Criticism of the Cult members were that they are all "high" on themselves (Ideal Ego) to be giving the "light of God to people."
  2. The positive was that a person is able to "Bless Food" that is animal derived even though they are striking hypocrites.
  3. There was much hypocrisy of words & actions in between and little logical continuity.
My more General Formula of CULT control follows:

Points of discrepancy/ Notes from spiritual dojo study:

Possession by Defective spirits: The Spirit is Lying if it claims to be GOD. It is sometimes assigned an "Evil" attribute for claiming to be GOD. However, the Cult will claim that everyone is "of GOD" and is equated to a grain of sand makes beach, drop of water makes ocean, a little bit of GOD that remains connected to God (with their help/ through them) yet doesn't make a person GOD. 
After this "possession" of the Cult can claim the new member/ person is "Pathological" as
"Possession in Western Culture is considered pathological behaviour due to the Legal System" (Dojo: Magic & Exorcism in Modern Japan, Page 127).
The Cult member may feel safe in the Cult because there is an extraneous social nonacceptance of this behaviour. It can be compared to having a normal nervous-breakdown (of Western Society) within the constraints of the spiritual values of the Cult.

The Cult uses Coercion & is cold and follows am established protocol. The harmful actions and proof of the Endless Realm of Hope ensue. Typical list of Chemicals, Seduction, and Physical manipulation used in cult protocols are as follows:
    • Sodium Amylobabitone for functional organic/biological confusion
    • Post-Hypnotic Confusion
    • Denial of Actions & Refutes responsibility of Actions (common in Delta altar)
    • Hypnotic Behavior
    • Hypno-Sociodrama
    • Catharsis
      • Psychic Abreaction
      • Electro or Insulin Convulsive Therapy - (Typical in Hawaii)
      • Sodium-Amytal
      • Sodium Pentothal
      • Orgasm / Sex - (Typical in Hawaii)
      • Religious Ritual - (Typical everywhere)
    • Hyper-Arouse
    • Hypnotic Lethargy
    • Semi-Meditative Tranquility
    • Psychogenic Stupor - Extreme cases only.
  • Spiritual Seizure - is not hypnotic, it comes from Repressed Guilt aka Symbolic form of "evil" spirit.
  • Actual Ego compartmentalizes Repressed Guilt/ "evil" spirit to balance the Ideal Ego
    • aka.  Compartmentalize is to hide the disassociation of a deviation from the


 U (Unbearable Dread/Fear) + I (Endless Realm of Hope) = A

U :-   First, is created by placing an uncompromised importance on a concern/object/ideal/movement/practice. A deviation from that First is assigned an Harmful & No compromise Consequence.

I :-  The Endless Realm of Hope - Prayer, Practice, Spells, Giving Light with God,

independent disassociation from the Value System leads to perceived placement in Exceptional meritorious sphere/Realm.