Saturday, April 30, 2016

NoKo 2 decades in making of mini nuclear war.

Test Runs Are Over.
North Korea has been launching missiles over my National Living treasure of Japan, Obasan's quiet & zen home in Akita, Japan. I think that the testing is over. Kim's most recent Washington DC bomb threat is his own acknowledgement of the lack of seriousness that he is given by the American Public. Maybe it was a scare tactic that he attempted to garner aid support. With the monthly weapons testing, it seems Kim is doing his numbers work on how many missiles will actually be successful.
He is doing so outwardly within full view of the public access media outlets.

The next round of disasters for 2016 have some form of full tilt weapons display directed at a USA based target. Japan has had warning that keeping the USA military is only going to further slaughter  human lives in the Godly wasteland of the Ring of Fire.

Hawaii;-- basically isn't a target and if missiles were to hit and shear a cliff on one of the islands...
not a movie that's going to happen.