Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chinese steel. It could be worse- glimpse into future

I avoided CIA clandestine ops recruitment as per my relatives request. The below is fantastical hodgepodge of scenario ideas for a movie. No Black ops  here.

AKS-47 made in China. What could be worse than steel dumping is if China were to flood some of the oldest trade routes from Siberia to Africa with weapons. Then US special forces wouldn't need me, yours truly, to open American sponsored TPP trade routes to get weapons to their clandestine ops & troops. They also wouldn't have to bother to try and help me here in the USA (believe me they don't in any substantial capacity as I'm looking at well over $590,000k in clearances & licensing alone not including other startup funds while I remain homeless).

Japan, Korea, Russia, & China agree to set up a political sanctuary off the Kamchakta peninsula.

China decided to dump steel and then put sanctions on USA imports as an additional security measure. China entered into trade talks with ASEAN member countries.

US closed manufacturing in China due to cut subsidies for opening business overseas from 1999. USA tries to make shipments of such goods before an embargo takes hold in 2017 due to its inability to meet Trans Pacific Pact standards. China & the EU make a deal to take the embargoed goods and donate them for refugees as a eency weency part of USA debt repayment.

My experience in the States:- The USA valued itself above the totality of the rest of the world. The role I was asked to serve is to knowingly sponsor worldwide American terrorists who belong to a variety of terrorist groups as diverse as the National backgrounds that can be found in the USA Homeland. Some had American military above top secret clearance and still want weapons to "play with Asian politics". The USA only spoke of their ability to fight the war on terrorism as a means to gain access to crucial, & strategic trade routes that are some of the oldest trade routes from Asia to Africa. The future looks bleak from the USA side to me.