Wednesday, April 20, 2016

15 years with nootropics

Nootropics use for me really started to take hold Back in 2001. I took massive handfuls of St.Johnswort+Valerian with Ginko Biloba. I drank plenty of the best coffee on the planet before going to teach beginning piano and getting ready for an international competition. Alltogether, I felt like I had more energy and focus. It didn't seem to really be an anti-depressive thing as my mood/drive was unaffected. I got a lecture from an old school mate that I didn't know what I was messing with and should take pharmaceuticals. I just gave him that, r u fn kidding me look.

I had been trying some other "water" from a local health food store. I discovered using Gold water back then. I also had my 1st and only bottle of whatever they called "Heavy Water" that was on the shelf ( not a nootropic), it was there so I had to try it. In hindsight, that heavy water appeared the same time the cobalt reactor irradiation plant appeared. I learned from my brother who they employed through a temp agency, that they kept the cobalt under the heavy water;- yet it didn't prevent his skin from peeling off his body when they had him irradiate everything that got shipped through our American hometown. This happened to be about mile away from the health food store where I purchased the "Heavy Water."

Later, I switched to a full regimen of Ginko Biloba, that was when I had my studio "OkiGinko" in Clinton Hall 2007. 
I stopped taking any sort of nootropic stack in my daily routine shortly after I arrived for vacation in Hawaii 2009. Once in a while if I felt super stuck over the past 6 years, I'd fill up on Phiten's (red) gold water for a solid week and go meditate. Though I'd pick up the odd bottle of Ginko Biloba tincture, I really set it aside for a spell due to outside influences. 

In 2013 I was introduced to an essential oils company that promoted a vegan EO's supplement. I tried it for a short time before I decided it was too toxic. I never bought into internally taking frankincense EO's, since I learned elsewhere, that it is toxic to the body. The EO's supplement also made my brain feel itchy in a bad way. I was grateful to ditch the supplement and had unfinished bottles. Actually I got 2 years of nasty hate mail from that company since they were trying to illegally take away my constitutional right of free speech & press, even at distributor status. Evil company to me and always will be.

In 2014 I got sick with toxic mold and was introduced to Liv International for another major dietary shift and a different alkaline supplement. They presented their new nootropic supplement that they named "Smart". I even had the opportunity to listen to the formulator explain the reasoning behind this supplement. A main ingredient is tumeric. I tried the promotional supplement for a few months, though I really didn't notice much difference as it seemed to be intended to prevent Alzheimer's and protect the brain from old age. I had started juicing and having regular green juice with juiced turmeric after trying this supplement. So, I dropped the supplement.
 I also tried the Schumann frequency pad for some healing, but I got irritated with the electricity frequency. The last semester I was in music school I was declared "hearing disabled". This was due to my sensitivity or acute hearing awareness of the high frequency range. So, I tried a flotation tank for some quiet. There's only one on island open to the public and it seems to be overused and needed thorough cleaning. 

Today, being stuck in the Hawaii social and financial rut I was hurled into by the "high end" locals;- I received my first bottle of a so called "limitless type nootropic." I'm still doing meditation as well. Will see how it goes. Most of the ingredients in this one will at very least serve as a mosquito deterrent;- increasing my vitamin B levels. I learned Vitamin C, niacin, & Thaimine also add to overall carbon levels to deter mosquitos out here in Hawaii. Just a thought.