Saturday, April 30, 2016

NoKo 2 decades in making of mini nuclear war.

Test Runs Are Over.
North Korea has been launching missiles over my National Living treasure of Japan, Obasan's quiet & zen home in Akita, Japan. I think that the testing is over. Kim's most recent Washington DC bomb threat is his own acknowledgement of the lack of seriousness that he is given by the American Public. Maybe it was a scare tactic that he attempted to garner aid support. With the monthly weapons testing, it seems Kim is doing his numbers work on how many missiles will actually be successful.
He is doing so outwardly within full view of the public access media outlets.

The next round of disasters for 2016 have some form of full tilt weapons display directed at a USA based target. Japan has had warning that keeping the USA military is only going to further slaughter  human lives in the Godly wasteland of the Ring of Fire.

Hawaii;-- basically isn't a target and if missiles were to hit and shear a cliff on one of the islands...
not a movie that's going to happen. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Don't let them take your life

Past 2 days, I was nauseaus with stress for about 2 hrs. Looking at plane tickets and a trip to Kakunodate Sakura. I think I will postopone till August and try to secure a ticket to make the Star Festival for Obon. I will plan, that it is very possible  I may not return to the USA as I was asked 10 years ago. In anycase, August begins a very slow season here in Hawaii till big waves start up again for Surf Contests. I know, for my own personal safety, that it is unlikely that I can continue to live here in Hawaii. I'm looking at returning to Ithaca, NY (very difficult though).

I don't have anyone left in the USA and the business contacts I made for the Trans Pacific Protocol plans can't contact me while I'm in danger (such as Hawaii).

I need a new crowd of people and contacts who are beneficial in order for me to continue.
My own parents are extremely detrimental to me & the entire plan at this point. They seem to have had their own political agenda for the past 10 years. It's difficult for me to see who they are helping, and if their extreme actions are to protect me or kill me. I cannot trust them and they are holding all of my Piano studio posessions;- I cannot trust the Police there either for police escort to remove everything they were holding.

My father doesn't even allow my mother and I to communicate peaceably on the phone. Since he has destroyed most of our family, my family in the USA;- he and his friends I must say are planning to murder me. His friends include neighbors Lee Clymer & his Wife, Ex-Pastor Craig Landis;- those two for certain;- as my brother & I were both fearful for our lives back in 2003/2004 with the talk about trackhousing plans that our neighbourhood made - so Steven Tamburri was included in the mix.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Our Japanese "unregistered" Peace Mission to the USA

One thing both sides of  my Family Had previously agreed on was PEACE, and that my efforts did not come from another generation of Military minds. I, as well as my family has lost my other 2 siblings to unnatural causes. I am the last one of this original "Peace Mission."
Due to the way that international passports work, and the attention that they attract;- this Mission was decidedly meant to be peaceful in every way. That meant not carrying any Diplomatic passports that would have legally fallen with knowledge to the Government;- protection under the Vienna Convention. However cordial the Vienna Convention is to be;- most diplomats understand the attention that carrying the Diplomatic Passport brings. It attracts additional issues because of the responsibilities as well as the the challenges that average citizens& Military  create to form official "International incidents."

Today on my drive when tears rolling down my face, I was thinking about my family's last extension of  allowing me to bring a friend from the United States to meet them. And, I just have only tears rolling down my face today because there is no one who I can think of.
Hey all. I just wanted to say hi and it's been a while since I've seen a lot of you. I don't know if we'll meet again in person but I have a message for you and I hope some of you who watch this listen to me take this into consideration.

Things in this world are obviously not always as we think they are. Along time ago the United States released to nuclear weapons on Japan, one of my Original home countries. After the reparations  "MONEY" ($$$$$$$that everybody in the United States treats more as a grudge against Japan)  that was  given to Japan;- there were some families who are trying to figure out how to establish peaceful relations between Asia and United States. One of those countries was Japan. There were some of us who are from families that decided to make an effort to extend a peaceful sort of understanding to the United States in an effort to deter nuclear warfare. The bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki were traumatic on the civilian Japanese population. Over 180,000 Japanese civilians were murdered by the United States others in Asia consider this an act of terrorism. For those of you who have met me most of you look at me as an  ethnic (poor or otherwise)

The USA side of my heritage has had a long history of service in  the US military - US Navy Harvard Navy School to Granddad in training  Army K9 (I met Eric Knight's daughter) to Uncle's on  USS Langley, Iwo Jima and one & Korean War  tank commander, lastly my "Dad" who was USAF Office of Special Operations.

That I am supposed to be treated like some under class citizen by most of the "Teachers" piano or otherwise,  I've had in the USA and given the privilege to see only a glimpse of what American life is like.  And  never was  included in the positive cycle of things financial or otherwise  here in the United States even while in the presence (or especially) the Wechsler's, Audi's, and Breed Families. Some tried to make efforts to include to include me, while the others threatened my life regularly.

 I know there were  others who are from families of stature in Japan & only of Japan who came to the USA on green cards for decades. One example was the Nakajima family I knew while growing up and we even "vacationed" together 1x. However, I heard they returned to Japan after 9-11 because they were on Green Cards. When I was growing up I thought the Japanese families around me were like me, and part American. It took the Patriot Act for my understanding of events to take hold.
 It is not that we are all equals in Japan as everyone has a different role to play  but, the United States attributes importance of someone with the amount of money they make, and disregards those who make less. In my case, I have had a very financially poor life while being in the presence of some of the USA's wealthiest individuals and families in the Registry.

Since this is somewhat a transcript of my videoing myself talking about these things- I am very sad today. On my drive to my spiritual meditation group I had tears just rolling down my face today.

I was thinking about something that I could never share with anybody who is ever associated themselves with me as a so called friend. As most of my "friends" taunted and ridiculed me and being called a stupid ethnic discriminated against and unable to afford to see my relatives in Japan. The taunting in college from the UN team members, and from other people besides our Japan hating college president JJ Whalen;-  was not just child's play but it shows what my  generation X had in mind for the world.
Despite the actions of my American peers, I actually was here to share and represent  the peace that Japan & my relatives wanted after Hiroshima & Nagasaki were bombed.
One of the thoughts that crossed my mind today was the cherry blossoms that are in Washington DC. All the Americans rave about the Japanese who gave them the Cherry blossoms the Japanese from the southern part of Japan. But they never stop to think where those cherry blossom trees really came from. There is a place in Japan in northern Japan called Kakunodate. The weather is much colder there and the trees are hardier stock. So when it was decided that Japan was to make this gift to the United States of cherry trees as a symbol of peace the seed things themselves originated from Kakunodate, Akita-Shi prefecture  they came from Akita, Japan because they were heartier and more likely to survive fridgid & wet Northeast winters because we're close to the same parallel. Those seedlings made a trip to southern Japan and from there they were offered as a gift to the United States. This evenings in Washington DC came from our my family's Village in Japan.
So today on my drive to my meditation group, I had tears streaming out of my eyes and they still are. My family and Japan told me my last trip, that I could bring with me one friend. And today after all the hardship that everyone I have met in the United States has put me through all the Riddick you are you have put me through all the hurt the hospital bills the assaults the abductions everything that you have put me through I cannot think of one person who I would bring with me after 41yearsin the United States. I am deeply offended. 
There are women who hate me just because I look different period there are Asian women who hate me because I speak English well period there are men who only want me for sex and to treat me more like a dog period there are men who think I'm a porn star and attack me in the United States period there are all sorts of people who like to think and ridicule me becauseI was born Japanese period you insult meas if you think your politics are going to make the United States better period and today I realise I don't have one person from the United States who I would bring with me to meet my family and hope for peace because I can't trust anyone period
This is probably a story most Caucasians in regular Americans not care to hear or read or share an activist will put me down because I speak English and that alone makes them challenge everything about me and puts me into their lying circle where they can my about me as they have so done for over 30 years of my life. I know that I have met many professional activists and I have seen the politics of environmental and peaceful activists,as well as the regular politics that they so slender additionally.

I take great offense to American citizens wrongly categorizing me based on their limited knowledge of Japanese culture. One of the reasons is due to APEC/TPP/ABAC meeting that I attended. For the safety of the Country, for the safety and security of the people's of the planet. Over 15 years ago I worked for and learned from an Entrepreneur who founded PeopleSoft. He was in competition with another company whose executive founder resides in Hawaii.
At the meeting we were encouraged to develop and find technologies that would enable the resurrection of businesses, supplies, daily life quickly after a disaster. Those technologies are things like the Cloud, and other means of functioning after  hardware is in running condition.
The onset of Public Relations campaigns that groups like Yakuza is a major threat to the systems regaining strength with a community in shambles. One of the newer items is having a biometric or other implant as a means of accessing data, financial records, accounts, money. When all other hardware including buildings are destroyed, and you, the person is all that is, who is left;- having a system of recovering documentation and finances is imperitive.   

Overnite Staycation perfection

Vegan option - Asian fusion
Beautiful relaxing 1-2hr dinner with entertainment 
Great for morning meditation

Gastroenteritis? After a teetering week

Today, I just got super sick Gastroenteritis symptoms full on (except I can cry) like death formed over cold sweats. Vomited  my salad & after reading North Korea is preparing another possible nuclear launch.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Make International Trade a NGO issue. UN protections only.

TPP, Presidential Candidates, and new EX-IM

The United States does not need international trade. Every single presidential candidate running this season seems to agree. I waited 6 years for the ASEAN nations Japan partner to join in negotiation for the TPP in 2011. I have waited another 5 years to hear that my favorite Hillary Clinton @doesn't like the deal", mind you that I  rep'd the USA. And last night I got a reminder from an Asian rep type person that I should QUIT my current job in the USA. That leaves me without income at all AND no social services support. The USA still hasn't lightened up since dropping the Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nearly a year ago in  2005, my 3rd party intermediary was terminated. It left me running for my life from the staunch republican interest and  without sufficient support in the USA. That is despite my meagre attendance at APEC 2011 for a show of face & Japan announcing they would enter into TPP negotiation talks  with the USA.

 The special missions that ran through China and other parts of Asia circa WW2 helped open conversation for trade with the USA. The post-Vietnam war era lead to more Recon efforts of Asia and new marriages and family relations with  America's United States and Asian nations. Only a generation away, ASEAN countries have mostly decided to try and accept a "Deal" to do trade with the USA. Despite USA Armed Forces' interest in opening certain trade routes;- some people, especially in ASIA,  disagree that it should be US  military initiated.

I'll add more later... I'm just about ready to step out of the USA, as there is no indicator that the US Military will cease to hinder my well being. Additionally that there may be some "gang wars" and assassinations to hit the Hawaii & NY domestic shippers;- as it has come to my personal attention, so does my life feel in greater jeopardy today.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I am very concerned. I need help to leave Hawaii safely.

So, I'm learning from ex-US military who was involved with Yamaguchi-gumi Inakawa-Kai that Hawaii syndicate runs the Hawaiian shipyards and docks and also vice in Chinatown. I don't know how outdated the story is. 
However, it's getting unbearably uncomfortable for me to try and remain in Hawaii, I was told they are patched in with the Chinese and Vietnamese communities;- stuff I just speculated before. So, it feels like death is breathing down my neck after yesterday. I'm not ok with this Hawaii State anymore. It's too stressful and I hate.
They try to kill my relatives In Japan who already do international trade;- and they have decimated any hope of me having a secure life in Hawaii and USA now.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Military Navy Officers & Export-Import

Being that I am supposed to represent the USA for Export-Import the "Stay away" warning I received was put to me as a Matter of International Business & PR. The effects are showing up with this year's presidential candidates (particularly Donald Trump's negativity).  Last year I was informed during the Confederate flag upheaval;- to stay away from most of the caucasian Officers. They have the potential with their clearances to create additional international upset.  There was a high percentage of them who kept Confederate flags in their quarters/ apartments/homes on military base housing. Though none of those who I knew at the time had any on display, I stayed away to minimize any risk associated with that additional domestic/internal USA  issue.

I don't know that much has improved though in both the Hawaii Civilian community and the Hawaii Military community. As my own research indicates;- there are too many Trumpites on island for me to have much reasonable safety after the past 2.5 months of [Red Alert personal security.
I am a civilian, and I am a private citizen. I am looking at over $900k for initial startup funds that should come from a legitimate and non-military interest in Export-Import for the USA.

Another intimidation note someone left in my car

A Japanese Representative informed me the mat Honolulu police are known for assaulting, stalking, and intimidating normal Japanese women. A Samoan tracker singles out Japanese women and tracks their phone movement."
Along with the onslaught of people who approached me last week;- someone seems to have broken into my car,-- AGAIN-- in past 2days, and left this pen from one of Honolulu's well know criminal defense attorney offices. I've heard they pay the prosecutor off to call a burner number instead of whoever is to testify against their client(s).
Take for example:- my car glovebox replaced with used unmatchable one (appx$300) and broken doorpanel (over $700 to replace used).The intrusions and destruction of my car are unacceptable. Costing me money continuously. HPD cars were on the street when I discovered the passenger side ripped apart near diamond head in waikiki.  The past month someone stole fuses out of fuse box and switched remainder, also the key lock spins in circles as the breakins were probably from a knife or screwdriver jammed in door lock. I'm not allowed to have a new car for same reasons of financial damage and intimidation by Hawaii terrorists or activists. Someone suggested on a positive note;- maybe they were checking for a bomb someone left for me. 
I've learned not to ask HPD for assistance as one Tongan, Honolulu Police Department cop grabbed me by the back of the neck off duty and threatened to kill me. A Japanese Representative informed me the mat Honolulu police are known for assaulting, stalking, and intimidating normal Japanese women. No help here in Hawaii State.

World War Idiots vs. Terrorist tests

This morning, my grain-free continental breakfast at the Aqua Aloha Surf hotel  was a ricebowl 75% full of boiled peanuts and kidney beans, some pickled cabbage, and some brown  and too salty Chinese kim-chee. I haven't had Chinese kimchee since 2002 when I sat down to a dinner with a Chinese Ambassador and his family in a Philadelphia suburb. The Ambassador had made a fresh kimchee that was quite delicious, and completely vegan.

The Technology Exists
Drone Flash Drives- flying and robotic drones with remote download capabilities.
Liquid Metal Smart Drives- small Terminator inspired military & contractor grade  smart drives with classified information. Have integrated weapons systems, robotic and drone capabilities with AI.
Precursor to Liquid metal smart drives with integrated weapons system
Also, the Drone Drive- to keep CIA intel out of fistfights and gunfire.

The www was up for discussion on this morning's news. I don't think that anyone really wants a media controlled USA, where we no longer have "internet." The bottom line is that the technology exists, and despite the intentions behind MOST average users, USA is discussing shutting it down due to terrorist & international threats. If anything, like the outdated e-machines that made the market in the mid 90's to simplify useage;- maybe they should keep the technology for basic internet use a single task piece of technology on a single bandwidth.

Yesterday, I also caught a lunchtime showing of the movie Criminal. It was fascinating or rather one of the DUMBEST movies I have seen,  that intel groups were having to compete for a "Flash Drive" that gave terrorist access to the USA's missle arsenal. Missile launches from a silo and a nuclear submarine, at the control of terrorists who seemed to understand (and self detonate the missile) how pathetically "simple" weapons  technology is to hijack.

The fact that US national security seems to be idiot-a-fied;- is tragic in itself. Obviously, the USA really needs to reconsider doing a complete overhaul on its National Security offices.

Better movie topic:
They made "smart drives" out of liquid metal technology and a new crystalline based disc that will last over 1.6 years. The terminator like smart drives have a built in weapons system that eradicates Terrorists and National security officers and anyone who attempts to access the missile defense systems beyond routine system check. In the future as more benevolent and clueless Internet and technology users have found a peaceable way to continue trading goods and make new ideas that "save" the planet and people in disasters;- the smart drives decide to self detonate. Their self detonating feature includes a comprehensive launch of over 50% of the missile stock. A superhero from the future like terminator returns back in time to save the human world.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Japan Died when China's Xi wrote directly to Emperor.

They say that Japan doesn't exist anymore. Hawaii is laughing scornfully at the world's 3rd largest economic power due to their spending stupidity. iOw:- they can't even negotiate with the US locals for help in saving money & being free. Their skills are pathetic. They also are inept at helping family members overseas. 
 Unless you are extremely wealthy as a Japanese citizen, you are helping your country take an economic step Backwards by vacationing in Hawaii, part of the World's #1 economic power as I can write today. 
The Japanese who come to the USA to study and do business through Hawaii are more naive to the reality of America than the rest of the English speaking world. Everyone in the USA knows that it buys people from less economic advantaged countries. And, the USA destroys countries that challenge it. 
My father was UsAF OSI was declassified in 2001 and talked about the USA covertly dropping bombs in countries (pre Internet) in peace-time to maintain control. Donald Trump wants to shut down the Internet, I'm sure that is one of the reasons. The "people of Japanese descent "who aren't US citizens seem to have failed basic logic globally. 
They still refuse to understand that everyone is waiting for Japan to Fail. China's Xi is taking over for the Japanese Emporer by crossing into Godly territory unannounced.

The people that come from the islands of Japaan can't speak English very well to defend themselves. The Hawaiian born sansei farm workers' descendents  claim that they are the Japanese Emporer's descendents when they are more likely Yakuza. When I attempt to verbally defend myself black women especially act as if I'm Korean and want a fiat fight. They are horrible here. I'm in my 40's and the ugliness of the men and women around me is putrefying. That is Hawaii.

To me, I'm constantly bombarded with other Americans including sansei laughing at the stupidity and naivety of the Japanese men and women who visit Hawaii. 
I'm mortified that my mother's culture is failing so much. I have never heard a single good word about my Jus Sanguis nationality from anyone. Ever. I have been able to lie that I am anything else under the sun, except Japanese.

USA counterfeiting scheme goes Presidential

So, the other day, I sat at a Coffee shop to watch the tallied vote of the DNC Democratic National Party. A Caucasian person sat down across from me. This person started a conversation about how one of the the last person they chatted with before me, is a Haliburton contractor. That that contractor was waiting, on call to Go. And, that the entire USA cash system is going to be "reset" (ugh*yawn*) and "reprinted". In my mind this has something to do with some Trumpite running the world's most Fabulous counterfeiting scheme on the too stoopid populous.
Hang on to your cash even if there is some hearsay Govemment recall. It's just our fearless leaders trying to purchase gold abroad in order to retain some international credibility. 
It's more likely that a new bill will be printed for the new hourly minimum wage pay standard.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chinese steel. It could be worse- glimpse into future

I avoided CIA clandestine ops recruitment as per my relatives request. The below is fantastical hodgepodge of scenario ideas for a movie. No Black ops  here.

AKS-47 made in China. What could be worse than steel dumping is if China were to flood some of the oldest trade routes from Siberia to Africa with weapons. Then US special forces wouldn't need me, yours truly, to open American sponsored TPP trade routes to get weapons to their clandestine ops & troops. They also wouldn't have to bother to try and help me here in the USA (believe me they don't in any substantial capacity as I'm looking at well over $590,000k in clearances & licensing alone not including other startup funds while I remain homeless).

Japan, Korea, Russia, & China agree to set up a political sanctuary off the Kamchakta peninsula.

China decided to dump steel and then put sanctions on USA imports as an additional security measure. China entered into trade talks with ASEAN member countries.

US closed manufacturing in China due to cut subsidies for opening business overseas from 1999. USA tries to make shipments of such goods before an embargo takes hold in 2017 due to its inability to meet Trans Pacific Pact standards. China & the EU make a deal to take the embargoed goods and donate them for refugees as a eency weency part of USA debt repayment.

My experience in the States:- The USA valued itself above the totality of the rest of the world. The role I was asked to serve is to knowingly sponsor worldwide American terrorists who belong to a variety of terrorist groups as diverse as the National backgrounds that can be found in the USA Homeland. Some had American military above top secret clearance and still want weapons to "play with Asian politics". The USA only spoke of their ability to fight the war on terrorism as a means to gain access to crucial, & strategic trade routes that are some of the oldest trade routes from Asia to Africa. The future looks bleak from the USA side to me. 

for a Fair Philadelphia & Pennsylvania

Reading about Hillary Clinton  or Any Democrat in Pennsylvania;-

Several thoughts come to my mind, since Trump has proven hisself to an ex-workforce.
There are good people in Philadelphia. My estimates are from a low income & temporary workforce starting @$9/hr over a 1 month period and includes over 3,000 Philadelphians.

What Philadelphia's low income crowd needs;-
  • FREE State or City  transportation to be more reliable workers.
  • Benefits to employers who provide work transportation to workers who make less than $36,000 a year including commissions.
  • Accessible Childcare that keeps children out of gang-fire zones to and from childcare.
  • Make it SAFE to go to work, &  being late for being safe isn't punishable by firing;- even a schedule adjustment should be considered rather than firing based on limited Company hours.
  • Adult English Literacy courses to fill out job applications and simple tests.
What Pennsylvania's 1% community needs to understand;-
  • Being Cash poor & not liquid, and having 100,000's in Assets does not make them eligible to apply for low income scholarship. They should be fined for putting in such an application.
  • The rich are taking opportunities from the poor in scholarships by" divorcing" to hide funds and lower the overall Household income so their children qualify for State Grants and financial need  Scholarships.
  • Paying someone, like myself, for a 26+hr payweek makes them an Employee who is entitled to benefits.
  • There needs to be Human Rights Commissions that are accessible and within 12 miles of any jurisdiction.
  • Adverse Discrimination against mixed-race & mixed Nationality marriages and families needs to harshly punished at a federal level. The DOD & 1% communities are creating international incidents that ignite more terrorism by being "too patriotic" of the Trump kind.

my Personal Security- Hawaii

There are so many people in the "Security" industry. Those I have met follow an American style way of  getting paid. First they all collaborate to cause a security problem.  For me, this includes #1  their  hacking and monitoring my phone :- despite my having to let anyone know my schedule and whereabouts due to terrorist threats. It is a National security issue;- and largely depends on the maturity of those who participate. Most security personnel or representatives consider creating international incidents their "Power". 

So far those who have interfered with my life and well being and on my official shit list include: Personal& Corporate  Security Contractors for firms competing with the Takenaka Corporation,  Honolulu Police Department since 2009, Hawaii State based Feds since 2009, Secret Services in Hawaii since 2009, Yamaguchi Gumi since 2004, Al-Quaeda since 2004, NY Yakuza since 2003, IRA Supporters and members in Massachusetts - Pennsylvania Since 2006,  USA Domestic White Supremacists groups since 1977, Rosicrucian - since childhood threatened to shoot me with a shotgun. All of the above along with their potential& new recruits have been life threatening to me.

White America calls Hawaii "Garbage"

I wish I were sitting  next to Teddy Roosevelt this morning, founder of of the USA National park system. Instead it sounds like I was sitting about 2 bar chairs away from a developer planning to destroy Hawaii.

At breakfast this morning a Caucasian couple were discussing bringing jobs to Hawaii. They called the Kaneohe landscape "Garbage", the man called me garbage, and that they need to "get rid of it" so they can "get jobs to more people they will bring here" and "get rid of the local "garbage" citizens as well. 
They sat to the left of me. 
My breakfast view looking down. 

Not the kind of breakfast I want to stomach, being peaceful and trying to relax on my own. Seems like quite a few mentions of building contracts going on. Everyone else's problems are theirs.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

15 years with nootropics

Nootropics use for me really started to take hold Back in 2001. I took massive handfuls of St.Johnswort+Valerian with Ginko Biloba. I drank plenty of the best coffee on the planet before going to teach beginning piano and getting ready for an international competition. Alltogether, I felt like I had more energy and focus. It didn't seem to really be an anti-depressive thing as my mood/drive was unaffected. I got a lecture from an old school mate that I didn't know what I was messing with and should take pharmaceuticals. I just gave him that, r u fn kidding me look.

I had been trying some other "water" from a local health food store. I discovered using Gold water back then. I also had my 1st and only bottle of whatever they called "Heavy Water" that was on the shelf ( not a nootropic), it was there so I had to try it. In hindsight, that heavy water appeared the same time the cobalt reactor irradiation plant appeared. I learned from my brother who they employed through a temp agency, that they kept the cobalt under the heavy water;- yet it didn't prevent his skin from peeling off his body when they had him irradiate everything that got shipped through our American hometown. This happened to be about mile away from the health food store where I purchased the "Heavy Water."

Later, I switched to a full regimen of Ginko Biloba, that was when I had my studio "OkiGinko" in Clinton Hall 2007. 
I stopped taking any sort of nootropic stack in my daily routine shortly after I arrived for vacation in Hawaii 2009. Once in a while if I felt super stuck over the past 6 years, I'd fill up on Phiten's (red) gold water for a solid week and go meditate. Though I'd pick up the odd bottle of Ginko Biloba tincture, I really set it aside for a spell due to outside influences. 

In 2013 I was introduced to an essential oils company that promoted a vegan EO's supplement. I tried it for a short time before I decided it was too toxic. I never bought into internally taking frankincense EO's, since I learned elsewhere, that it is toxic to the body. The EO's supplement also made my brain feel itchy in a bad way. I was grateful to ditch the supplement and had unfinished bottles. Actually I got 2 years of nasty hate mail from that company since they were trying to illegally take away my constitutional right of free speech & press, even at distributor status. Evil company to me and always will be.

In 2014 I got sick with toxic mold and was introduced to Liv International for another major dietary shift and a different alkaline supplement. They presented their new nootropic supplement that they named "Smart". I even had the opportunity to listen to the formulator explain the reasoning behind this supplement. A main ingredient is tumeric. I tried the promotional supplement for a few months, though I really didn't notice much difference as it seemed to be intended to prevent Alzheimer's and protect the brain from old age. I had started juicing and having regular green juice with juiced turmeric after trying this supplement. So, I dropped the supplement.
 I also tried the Schumann frequency pad for some healing, but I got irritated with the electricity frequency. The last semester I was in music school I was declared "hearing disabled". This was due to my sensitivity or acute hearing awareness of the high frequency range. So, I tried a flotation tank for some quiet. There's only one on island open to the public and it seems to be overused and needed thorough cleaning. 

Today, being stuck in the Hawaii social and financial rut I was hurled into by the "high end" locals;- I received my first bottle of a so called "limitless type nootropic." I'm still doing meditation as well. Will see how it goes. Most of the ingredients in this one will at very least serve as a mosquito deterrent;- increasing my vitamin B levels. I learned Vitamin C, niacin, & Thaimine also add to overall carbon levels to deter mosquitos out here in Hawaii. Just a thought.

Broken packages from FedEX

Today I got packages. This was delivered to Post office by FedEx. Here in Hawaii we can receive UPS & FedEx at this location near Military hotel/ facilities.
Obviously something was visibly broken inside. Not sure if other works.

bTw: my Sunday the 17th of April

So, I failed to mention prior to chatting it up with a Filipino banker with US military rank...that a "Yamaguchi-gumi a--kawa Kai" name was tossed at me:- if my relatives know him @ Hawaii here. The name was Roy G. Sasakawa? Not sure if I got it right. Everyone is outwardly being on the friendly side so far, I think. That was all on Sunday though. 

I know everyone's astonished I'm still alive. Not in good or great condition considering what is expected of me. It's like APEC, I got there. It took a phenomenal amount of energy to walk in that 1day. Just 1 day of my life I made it to.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trying to eat @ Ruby Tuesday

Undercooked & not fried zucchini looks unappetizing and not worth appx 15$ since they said they can't cook spaghetti squash. Server told me after I ordered and waited a while. Then came back & said they would be able to make fried zucchini & Marinara. After the past 2 weeks of being sickened with rat poison in my coffee and bruises appearing, I got upset and feel I can't trust the staff.
The staff at this Valkenburg Ruby was very shady. They couldn't put an acceptable edible dish in front of me inside 45 min. They said they couldn't serve me spaghetti squash which was in the menu they handed to me when I sat down & when I complained that food looked undercooked if at all.
I just walked out of there shaking...I ate a pack of cashews a while ago. Barely had enough veggies since early lunch. Not trustworthy at all.

North East Gun Hub - Pennsylvania

A tiny bit of History about Guns on the East Coast (north East):

Old Ithaca Gun in Ithaca, NY was a part of US history with Annie Oakley as one of the more famous patrons in the Shooter world.  Ithaca, NY is also part of old Clinton family history and Clinton Hall still remains a fixture across Cayuga Street from the old Masonic Lodge that has been a turnkey for College nightclubs.

Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is the Hub for East Coast gun storage. The laws in Pennsylvania governing gun ownership still stand almost in congruence with the old original Constitution itself.

Pennsylvanians as well as their States influx of homeowners from New York, New Jersey, and Maryland enjoy the stockpile of home stocked weapons. Gun transport out of Pennsylvania is becoming severely monitored. Also, Pennsylvania has a surge of homemade guns that are virtually untraceable. Some of these guns have been made in the Keystone state by local companies which posses/ possessed the machinery and computers to make modern style weapons. They are long graduated by the traditional blacksmith way of making a gun.

Yours truly writing here grew up not too far from the tracks of Bethlehem Steel Factory that Donald Trump's crowd turned into a Sands Casino. The outskirts of Old Bethlehem are surrounded by a large Latino community that integrated themselves against the local grain of White supremacy.

Philly Bartenders used to pass guns under the table for the mobs to make an easy 50k salary a year. Commuters find easy travel into their work states that surround the Pennsylvania borders due to lower sales taxes will be upset if there is anymore tax increase for the "working poor."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania had already gone bankrupt by 2005 as I ran into an ex DNC organizer canvassing for information. The local government made no announcements to its constituents back then and abruptly began shutting down schools a decade later.

Keeping people safe and secure in Pennsylvania has always been a feat. However, most of the common knowledge violence came from baseball bats, bowling pins, the armed police, and a barrage of non-class 3 weapons. One of the biggest violent threats to the City of Brotherly Love was around 2002. I heard that the threat came from  a HUD (Housing & Urban Development) leader who wanted to bomb part of Philadelphia.

Changing requirements to purchase guns in Pennsylvania will only push the NRA efforts toward the cottage industry of gun making.

Congratulations Hillary Clinton!!!



Mystic Quotation about holding Office

"Whomsoever God gave office, He also gave understanding. But whosoever took office himself, God also took away all his brains! Some people will try anything to install themselves here or there to be well paid." --  Bruno Groening, Mystic

Sanders so far Left he's the Old Right wing. Caucus vs. Votes

Watching CNN this time, they have a point.
The huge line of Sanders' supporters who were registering with the Democratic National Committee for the first time.   The talk in Hawaii during the march 26th Caucus was, Hillary doesn't do well at the Caucus. Hillary was outnumbered over 15% after my first line-count at 10:30AM before the caucus Presidential Poll opened at 1PM Hawaii Time. I volunteered the morning of the Hawaii Caucus in Waikiki handing out a limited supply of buttons and stickers, and a few signs printed on ecological paper. I was happy my ballot went in my district's box 1st for Hillary.

Hawaii Caucus: Some of the people in the Sanders line were definitely Republicans whom I went to spiritual group with (before I quit going due to their absolute Hatred of business values we collided on.) The antagonism in the spiritual dojo from them drove me out. All of those republicans I saw in line were/are Asian-American, Japanese, or Hawaiian mix (and Hawaii Local raised).
An ugly personality, pro Sanders mom who sent their kid to NYC for University came out screaming at me one day. Claiming that her kid is voting for Sanders in NYC. I wonder if that kid, who may have registered in NY, keeps their student aid for becoming a NY State citizen? I know I took off from my Higher Ed. in Ithaca, NY just to become a New Yorker. However, Ithaca had a Socialist Mayor at the time, who left the entire city with tremendous debts when done his terms.

per CNN: The News that Bernie Sanders is Ralph Nader. That is complete BS!
Ralph Nader, even in the 2000 Florida vote against Bush, was a citizen warranted candidate. Ralph Nader has made a point that his nomination as President needs to be entirely supported by Citizens without his own money. Nader is very different from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, and anyone else whose name has ever been on the Presidential nominee ballots.

  If it weren't for the severity of Bush winning 2000, I probably would have voted for Righteous Ralph. Instead, I was on the Gore campaign (being around the Clinton Boys) voting in the midst of Bushland- Sarasota/Bradenton area.  What was lost in that election wasn't just a presidency.
We (Clinton crowd) lost a slew of infrastructure deals/additions that were to make the East Coast rail systems more complete or prolific (such as fast Rail from Rochester to NYC). And, Hawaii a Bernie State made the same mistake on its rail deal by not accepting the Bombadier bid.  Today, with past weeks news, Hawaii is backwards some $800million on the incomplete rail by accepting the China bid. Oh yeah, That's not to mention the complaints I've heard coming from another Bernie Sanders area called Seattle. The complaints are over the Chinese steel again, the quality is low and some companies have blacklisted Chinese steel products from their inventory & equipment. The liability is too high.

Monday, April 18, 2016

US Presidential Candidates- my quick thoughts

Presidential Candidates:

Donald Trump- is a demon, though with a truthful note. Aside from slews of American people who have worked for Trump, he is a "bastard" employer that many found hateful.  He polarizes the contents of the USA and has used his campaign to be outspoken to World leaders about what and who actually reside in the USA, backyard BBQ culture, surface to the world front.

Bernie Sanders- is a "Fucktard". He's that pathetic, stereotypical, vomitous, putrid, Caucasian, "progressive" brand of politics that screams to fulfill OCCUPY interests as a president. That is Blatantly full of deceit and lies under the surface of "Global Harmony". Maybe he does appeal to the African-American crowd that needs Civil liberties, yet too many African-Americans attempt and do sexually exploit the Asian-American women in the USA to bridge their racial disparity within acceptable American concerns. That is aside from the typical White, Male progressive rhetoric being that they are making Asian-American women equal by stealing everything from us possible as "Equals". These guys are extremely offensive. And, the international community knows that it doesn't save Asian lives studying abroad either.
Most of Hawaii's Democratic caucus participants voted for Bernie;- however most of them have not had to live for more than a college term on the USA East Coast amidst the Hub of American Progressive culture.
The fallout from the Republicans vs. Hillary battle is that Bernie Sanders is seen as more of a pushover President/ Commander in Chief and a definite go to for the Seals & Black Ops soldiers who are finding Trump a hard act to support.  They are undermining the peaceable business efforts in the Civilian realm as a result. 
Sanders' claims to be pro campaign finance reform. He wants free public education. In practise it will open a doorway to industries that supports government to keep their grip on the American workforce. It can easily lead to failures in the democratic system of citizens initiatives against the involved corporations.  There is nothing I like about this man & his campaign. In actual practise, his platform will serve the evils it claims to purport.

Hillary Clinton- Tougher than Margret Thatcher. She ACTUALLY has created jobs and brought more money to the USA minority dominated states than anyone. I completely admire her and her previous efforts to integrate Women first in international business. This, terrifies men.
She has the most terse environment to handle, and her current job position has attracted the hate of US military troops over the widely publicized Republican prompted film. That is her current, biggest downfall. The Special Forces & Navy Seals and Black Ops soldiers do not like her. They know their own have "Fallen" under her command and that alone is hateful and makes them afraid to elect her at all. These soldiers garner more business and military support and will likely re-direct Hillary's campaign efforts to Bernie Sanders and definitely Donald Trump.

USA military, Philippines & Hawaii

Hawaii's land parcels are on the map. The residential land surrounding Pearl Harbor naval base is still mapped out and zoned as Military Zone. This is the area of Oahu that is grossly "owned" by Filipino homeowners (not landowners) who pay mortgages by housing USA military service members, and directly collect "rent" from BAH (basic allowance for housing) USA military. 
The women constantly pressure and canvass young suitable men to marry their daughters and cousins from this steady housing lottery the US Navy brings to Oahu. That is of course also keeping Philippines the sex industry alive for the abroad stays in the Philippines by the US military men. It is a continuation of American dominance and use of Asian women much like the Vietnam era prostitutes. Aside from both sides being tragically devoid of modern USA civil rights;- it is the "acceptable" use of immigrants to the USA amidst the Republican doors of racism.

Philippines is USA's door to owning ASEAN interest

Philippines' bankers are chasing the good ok' American Dream through vested USA military support that is an ineffable welfare system to further put America's grubby grip on Asian money control. US military interests seem to largely support Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Most USA citizens are popularly against the newly inducted Trans Pacific Partnership that "welcomes the USA with open arms".  Meanwhile, USA military is already making tactical money interest moves to control ASEAN funds and in attempt to upset peaceable ASEAN countries in larger EX-IM effort.
Acceptable and non-military USA efforts must be clearly made to ASEAN countries in TPP before more terroristic & anti-USA eruptions surface. 
The USA is a clear precursor to global calamity, as it is popular for US militarists to attack Asian & Japanese civilians in the USA  in effort to re-shape the "ethnic" Asian countries' populations.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sendai Quake & Democratic Debate

I'm at the gym doing cardio : saw Sendai quake, my relatives granmother, aunts, uncles, cousins are still recovering/rebuilding from the Tohoku quake 2011. 
From the curve treadmill 

Also GO HILLARY!!!  

Hawaii politics a Harbinger for WW3

Yesterday I was stuck in traffic and contemplating a maximal 30min arrival time of North Korean Missiles once launched (with the jet stream). The past 6years I have been in Hawaii have resulted in a Major financial and social setback, in addition to my brother's gory death in 2005.

 Since most of Hawaii has given its voice to Trump and Sanders nominees, there is an even bigger lack of support and political clarity for me to contend with as a Hawaii resident. Many of the Asian-American Republicans still voted for Trump, and those who have half a brain switched and voted for Sanders. Irregardless, the backlash of Trump's hardcore racist antics are propelling the more savvy international Mexican, African-American, Japanese, Chinese, or Vietnamese local gangs, maffias, and black market collectives to make attacks on more legitimate Americans and other international citizens doing business. 

The enormous numbers of break-ins, thefts, and other abuse and slander that I have endured in Hawaii has made it impossible for me to survive much longer. That is, of course, aside from the initial derailment of my vacation in 2009. 
I have documented for security reasons, the extent of the most violent attacks that local & military authorities prompted with tremendous character defamation. 

I was a simple piano faculty/instructor and business organisational development consultant with well over 15years experience prior to arriving in Hawaii. 
I am struggling with the negativity of the Hawaii locals who run businesses that do not generate enough legitimate revenue for the state. The Feds & State also subjected me to a precarious position by giving  my identity to businesses they know deal in sex trade and other illegal activities, however harmless that they claim it is. 

The high cost of living and home owners (not necessarily landowners) raising rents to offset their own debts is a further glimpse into total financial inferiority.

I am praying for a place to live that is safe  and secure (not necessarily in the USA) and appropriate for me to endeavour on the EX-IM inter-government project with Japan I was asked to complete on behalf of the USA. If not, I accept that with ease and hope other ways to make a most agreeable  and more considerable paying living ensue.

Hawaii has been an extreme waste of my life's time. The local & Native people mostly have proven themselves highly immature and inappropriate for the current political and extreme weather climate.  Especially as my relatives abroad grow older each day. My business opportunity and that for the USA quickly diminishes.

USA ideology creates terrorism Abroad

I know I'm difficult to follow as I sift through large amounts of incongruent information. I have to get this out of my head tonight to sleep a little. Will be back to revise...l8r

"We the People"... "Life Liberty & Pursuit of Hapiness" ~USA Constitution

Ideals that inspire regularly, create and inspire non-jihad and more ambitious "terrorist" groups of Unsatisfied civilian populations with common gripes. USA ideals abroad don't equate to traditional coup d'etas or revolution simply overthrow a tyrannical government leadership.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nukes ICbM's Mercury Retrograde & North Korea

For those of us who are in awe of North Korea's show of nuclear infancy;- remember it is Mercury retrograde. Anything can go extra wrong!  Who knows where the Missiles would land. Or, if they would explode in North Korean territory.

Update: Failed North Korean Missile Launch Friday April 15, 2016

Harassment & stalking 1st thing this morning after breakfast

I'm being stalked by a Chinese looking American guy this morning @ ward village parking garage. He speaks English. Harassing me, would not answer my question if he is a cop or secret service or Yakuza. He seemed to be Driving silver Audi with sunroof. Was following me in the parking lot on foot and I asked him ?'s as he was not acting normal. 

I already got 2cups of "rat poisoned?" Sour black coffee last week and still recovering ;- have some bruising and removed myself from situation, so again I have no home.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Food temperature, storage, contamination

The past week, I ate from the DTE vegetarian market Pearl City salad bar 2x in the morning. 1x afternoon. I felt like I have food poisoning and very sick yesterday. I actually spit out the raw avocado because they tasted wrong & threw out the remaining salad. My stomach felt a little better after ingesting some coconut charcoal & yeah I ate a whole sauce & veggies pizza last night. I fell asleep afterwards. I have extreme joint pain from the grain based crust. Today, I still feel sick. I woke up and ingested more coconut charcoal. Melaleuca tea seems to calm down my stomach. 
I grabbed some veggies at Panda Express and saw the server do a temperature check on the fried rice. Makes my mind a little at ease. At least they check temp. No thermometers I saw at DTE vegetarian market on the salad bar either, in years I've eaten there.

Feeling sick- day 4/5

My pillow, just had something snap in it like a rubberband through layers. Then the radical thought that it's a capsule full of a chemical raced through my mind. 

I ordered a pizza and the options I selected on my phone did my process in their system before I was charged ( Not registered through system=selected thin crust and spinach) Since I've been sick to my stomach lately- stress likely & trying to eat regular foods;- 

When the pizza arrived I went downstairs. This place doesn't have cameras like the Super 8 where I stayed and burned through my savings to stay alive from Pennsylvania based white supremacist/IRA/KKK/& Cheneyites trying to kill me since my brother's messy and tragic death.
So, I got pizza in the lobby. No key card to the parking level. Got something from my car. Got in elevator @ parking level...didn't need key card as people in elevator already. There is entry from street into parking garage. Got to my floor and 2 large people got out 1st. One guy randomly got in elevator still going up. (No keycard needed). Seems a lot different than normal place. I looked out my door before the pizza and all was quiet. Coincidence? Probably. Paranoid, I am. 

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Improve Hawaii hotel check-in

It will be great when we can check in at a hotel with a kiosk to take payment and print invoice/receipt. Also it could give us USA citizens a room key card or update our phone with a key card that changes each time we enter the hotel lobby @ kiosk. Whether biometric or not.
 Just saying, lines are awful for someone like me ready to pass out. 

Before I eat--I'm so exhausted

In my mind, the back of my mind, everyday;- 'Hurry, every moment counts.'

"Time is God." ~ Bruno Groening

Gullible cartoons:- idea for shipment check

Just an sketch idea:- cartoon develop for weapons component checks. Despite literacy... A shipment with a Turbines for propulsion of nuclear warheads. One box reads" this is not a weapon component. Contents: Ceramic Turbine. "One box reads Food Source, PubLLC "industrial steamer basket".

The word "ON";- American Comprehension Vs. Demonstration of "ON"

Yesterday, I was at the gym near a US Military Base. I had about 45 min to use the Hot Tub, Sauna, and do a 30 min. cardio workout. I was in the hot tub that I turned on for water-jet massage. Within 8 minutes, FOUR other people entered the room. Despite a sign saying Press button once to turn hot tub ON, Press button to Turn hot tub OFF, all four of them failed to check that the hot tub was ON. They all pressed the button, turned to enter the hot tub, then seemed to realize the water-jet sound had Stopped. They then returned to the button on the wall and pressed the button to turn it back on.
Being that they all stopped and restarted the hot tub in a 3 minute span, I concluded that NONE of them actually could demonstrate reasonable cognition that the HOT TUB WAS ON IN THE FIRST PLACE. And, this was across an demographic of diverse backgrounds who could afford to pay dues at a gym.

Then, I think about more complex issues and realize why I am drowning in the USA social environment of Ignorance.

Conversely, there are people in the USA who I have hired (thank you Philadelphia!!!) in the past who were not Immigrants, clearly had little literacy, yet were able to perform a simple task such as setting tables with an array of cutlery, negotiate transportation, as well as more comprehension and demonstration of much more complex functions. These people were not able to afford gym membership to my knowledge, as in the above "ON" incident.

Global Shipping & Shutdown. Domestic handling only.

Quickie Summary:
The heightened consequences in EX-IM regulation have prompted some businesses to begin plans to Shutdown after clearing and shipping out their major inventories. This will take on a new online buying trend, as it will supersede other regular quarterly Fashion releases.  Soon only domestic buyers who have brought in product prior to the "at Large" shutdown will be able to have ample stockpiles to provide to the rest of the Online purchasing community. WW3 preparations are going to saturate the global demand for a 3-6 year buying spell as international warehouses exchange goods.
This should also assist with global safety and regulation issues. More focused searches can be done more effectively.
Searches for hidden weapons, and weapons of mass destruction carried in more ample cargo ( not boxes of shoes and other common goods) will have more attention from security. However, the initial common goods (shoes, clothing) shipments will take time and be delayed without an appropriate trained workforce to check individual package integrity for weapons components. This may cause delay at shipyards and initial heightened security measures for masses of shipping containers. That is until an appropriate workforce is trained, scrutinized, and hired. However, ship while weather is fair.
Additionally, this should result in some reallocation of workers to focus on growing internal/domestic issues with migrant populations and safeguarding their homeland supplies. If WW3 does ensue, this domestic common goods surplus should be enough to last 8-14 years in the worst case scenario.

Friday, April 08, 2016

I like to try nice products.

The other day, since my budget has gotten tighter than ever imagined, I went to the FaceShop to purchase my favorite sunscreen;  Natural Sun Eco: Ice Air Puff Sun. I got side-tracked. Though, I despise the aluminum package of the Natural Sun Eco: Ice Air Puff Sun has SPF50+ with burst of COLD Liquid Nitrogen, cruelty free, and made with Sunflower sprouts. I feel cans of any sort should be reserved for bomb shelter supply (to make a pipe bomb in war time later). We have enough metal clanging around the planet above ground to wake any remote life forms over a trillion light years away. Then again I also eliminated all forks & knives from my kitchen due to livid talks from some with PTS around me about dinnertime terrorist attacks and having nothing to fight with except utensils. I had one lone big blue plastic knife for veggies.  
USA ingredient requirements for products usually are posted in order of highest percentage% to lowest percentage%.
Good looking feet in Hawaii & Asia are sometimes more important than the sandals we wear. I was sold on a 25% off set of FaceShop Peeling products that included Smile Foot Peeling (smells like an old Seventeen magazine), Body Peeling mist (nice scent), and White Jewel Peeling Face Peel (smells like a generic mall perfume counter area) that came in @$29 + 4%tax= $32.

The Body Peeling Mist grabbed me because it is like a 1/2 dry shower. Its gentle, though I found difficult to get off some parts of me. It clings to oily spots and fine hairs and clumps as a result. I definitely wouldn't want to drink coffee before using it. You are supposed to use it on DRY skin, advised before showering. Then, the shower is used to rinse the nicely fragranced (not too strong) product from the body. It does leave the skin drier than I prefer, and a bit matte finish.

It's definitely different than my product since it does exfoliate, yet has a similar concept of dry shower. I like being more moisturized and not having to use additional lotion. And, I also prefer Organic.


Good things about the White Jewel Peeling:
  • Does react/clump with the extra oils that are under skin
  • EMF deflecting Tourmaline & Amethyst particles (great for tropical sun)
  • Leaves matte finish
  • Gentle
Needs improvement about the White Jewel Peeling:
  • Pearl powder isn't a vegan ingredient.
  • Methylparaben & Polyparaben
  • Fragrance is irritating & strong - OK if u can live at a mall perfume counter
Right now, I just finished using the White Jewel Peeling 1st time and even though It's 15min past my eyes are on fire from the parabens and fragrance (really strong mall smelling fragrance). I knew better. But, I thought I'd try it. The salesperson suggested I could use this peel on my body or hands to keep it away from my respiratory system. (it came in the pack) I think I'll pass it on or return it?

------------------------------------------Side note: 

I'm chemically sensitive so product usage lasts @ 1day to 3 mos. before bad reaction. I return the stuff or pass it on if possible. I do make my own stuff for myself...but I like to explore the products on the market like any other well groomed person.

Unpacking Asians on Oahu

To most mainlanders, all Asians are the same on Oahu. Hawaii is a more complex state and is diverse with a segment of non-English speaking. It is a  Hub of international & domestic legitimate business, black market business, government contractors, mafia families & Bloods, high school gangs & kid drug dealers, private USA citizens, and military soldiers of all branches.

People of Asian descent on Oahu

1. "Hawaii born Locals"migrant farmworkers from China & Japan who came to Hawaii long before the USA took it over and declared Hawaii the 50th state for statehood. 

2. International tourists from All Asian nations.

3. International military from Asian nations  including China & Japan.

4. International land owners - hold Hawaiian land and or building/ air space rights.

5. Mainland raised 1st generation Asian-Americans who transplanted to Hawaii during the Patriot Act especially.

6. International Gangs/Mafia - Many
- Yakuza are from diverse international backgrounds (White, Black, Korean, Vietnamese) yet operate through Japan. Japanese Yakuza are more frequently from the Big Island/ Hilo. 
They are especially known with the USA military crowd as their go-to for women in the sex industry. Hawaii is a stopping point for USA military & ships returning from deployment. A century in existence and organizationally older than the State of Hawaii, yakuza have proliferated the young Hawaii state as legitimized business people who network together and have spiritual Dojos/temples that they support.
Most Americans don't know the complexities of Japan or Asian culture and business's as well as the plethora of unfamiliar and typical Japanese surnames. This makes the culturally superstitious Americans easy to be manipulated by yakuza because they are a #1 source for Asian cultural knowledge in the USA. 

Social responsibility Untelevised, Ww3 & Terrorism gets attention.

I have found that the haters in Hawaii who hate on me are definitely, from appearances, diverse, and hate Japan and love private security contractor checks;- largely includes the African-American crowd at large. 
Most of them want to move more guns, and "kill more" so they can make money.   

I have received plenty of death threats in the past 12 weeks on Oahu. I no longer trust Anyone for time is short for peace. 

The American-Asians or those with Green Cards on the island are more inclined to jealousy due to their centuries past as migrant farmworkers or Fresh off the boat status. Since it's America they all take delight in actively sabotaging my personal security on every level due to my relatives involvement in infrastructure and security on an international scale. 

In total, as a Bernie Sanders & Trump state, They are actively encouraging WW3 & terrorism. These people seem to get an elated egotistical high from helping to encourage Mass destruction since they are happily excused from social responsibility by actual American Mainstream culture.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

USA bad for Asian-Americans 1st generation

I think the propaganda aimed at the USA is meant to play on grandiose bigotry that Donald Trump is showing the world. The volatility of USA international relations due to racism/nationalism. The ability to shut down trade routes and business dealings by using  USA citizens to attack Asians within USA borders. 
Most majority groups other than Asian have no interest in allowing those in the USA born USA citizens ground to stand on;- this will force Asia to bow to the USA  to maintain non-military trade. 

Japan, USA, North Korea, China

I made a jest that I could walk around Asia with a t-shirt saying "Americans deserve Nothing." 
Japan's warship is claimed "it isn't enough." 
Problem: despite leaders of Asian countries & UN posing sanctions against North Korea;- NoKo's leader Kim Jong-in is promoting actions that have popularity and are embraced by Asia people's sentiment of the USA . 
Japan still chooses to host and participate with the USA inside its borders. This makes Japan an easier target for All Asian nations, despite all the nuclear reactors. 

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Shellfish & Hawaii's Shopping Malls

Honolulu, Hawaii has a monstorous addition to the original mall near Ala Moana Beach park.
I took a few walks through the Mall. And, aside from most mainlander USA folk scoffing at Adults "hanging out at the Mall" (an otherwise High School teen behavior);- I also don't cruise at the Mall too often.

My acute allergy to shellfish and the molecular pollutants from Fried shellfish make me steer away from areas that are adjacent to Shrimp, Crab, & Lobster restaurants. That includes the Old portion of the Alamoana Blvd. mall and a popular bar that hosts some live music. None of the restaurants keep the allergens contained.  The molecular drift from a nearby tempura restaurant,  caused my respiratory system to become severly irritated and begin shut down while standing over 25 feet away. The door to the tempura place was also shut while I was reading the Directory/Map of the new Wing.

Also, people generally cause uproar if i tell them not to grab me, or kiss me on the cheek, or touch me;- especially if i know they have been out dining. The Shellfish contaminant causes rise to my skin rash outbreak for weeks. The people here really need a lesson in keeping their hands to themselves and are introduced to a "stranger" such as yours truly when out & about. 

All personal security aside;- its all not secure for me.

Money & Water is Lost in Translation - Export-Import

Still baffled as to WHY China & Japan buy USA debt. Here's an example below, of 1 item.

I don't remember if I blogged on my rant about how Network Marketing and Other products are creating a huge rift in the Global Financial Schema.
It's all Money that is Lost in Translation.

FOOD from street vendors in 3rd world nations, to the Capitol's of the 1st World's upper echelon;-
Food packaging and labelling, as well as marketing and educational PR to prompt "Euro-Centric" Americans to participate.

IE: A Package of Black Sesame seed crackers that a "progressive" person (environmentally conscious too) purchases at their local Cooperative market or "Health Food" store.

In USA- AMERICAN STYLE                                     In Asia - ASIAN STYLE
1. Is a round flat wafer                                            1. Usually a small thick rectangular noodle cracker
2. Limited Count in a Thin Plastic holder               2. No cracker count, is sold by weight
3. Has an additional Thin Plastic cover                   3. In a plastic bag (from bulk or pre-weighted).
4. Printed in English explains the Cracker              4. Has list of ingredients (somewhere).
5. Retails @ $5.69USD/ 24 crackers                       5. Can purchase for <$1 for 16oz in 3rd world

In 1999 when I worked at a National Merchandising Firm HQ out of college;- I was told that the Big Block Chain Stores were already open to set design for LESS PACKAGING in their stores. They had asked me to get into the Floor Planning for purchase control;- trying to integrate what they defined as more Ecological. Since I just had 3 years of working on Water related environmental issues;- I FAILED TO SEE HOW SELLING MORE SOAP & DETERGENT & HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS benefits the planet. That goes with MAKEUP that needs SOAP & CLEANSERS that goes in the water for removal. In Fact, I couldn't even justify doing a floor plan purchase scheme for a 6BILLION person world population to purchase HAIR COLORING/ DYE that goes in the water supply.
To date;- I'm still failing to see the change in Big Block Stores;- that includes tossing tubes of plastic containers in bins on the walls of some of the stores. Selling more containers of water contaminants on Palates, in Bulk.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Cults & "Salvation Syndrome" pt. 2

More Cult Themes from my notes:
Continued from previous posts:

My Goal=Trash Structure of Salvation Syndrome: - 3. The Way, 2. The Ideal, 1. The Problem

  • Possession within cultural norm or something like normal possession
  • Normal possession is an expression of Stress/Anxiety for functional clarity of Mind within Slave Structure.
"GOD LETS US" justification for "unholy" behaviour of cult leaders

Slaves are parasites  VS.  Slaves have unconditional love for God

Mind Map order:
1.  God is linked to  a Human Ideal
2. Eternal Life is a Common Theme
3. The collective slaves work towards this ideal & support figurehead
4. This creates a "God" vocabulary where actions & emotions are defined
5. Deviations from this are punished.
6. ***Can a slave function with deviations?*** (with the cult's awareness?- will Cult kill the Ego?)
                       Cult Action:- Exorcise Slave Mentality
                      - Not all deviations matter in function of Existence in NOW time.
7. All known human methodology to attain spirituality is the ART OF HUMAN NATURE (like painter's technique.

  • Destruction of Energy/Soul  Vs. Preservation/ Restructure (Resurrection) of Energy/Soul
  • Sound, Frequency, Vibration attracts slaves of like mind
  • There is no breaking free of this existence - Humble thyself and accept it.

Cults & "Salvation Syndrome"

A Cult to for me to Study:
In the case of the Spiritual dojo I studied for 1.5yrs and due to my family background;- Almost daily, after my initiation month the cult member attempted to apply acute physical trauma to my skull pressure point connected to normal sight and nerve receptors. I was expected to behave with great shame cast upon me if I was outspoken. My being outspoken resulted in several "spiritual disturbances" that were my actual requests that the members have no physical contact with me while in the process of giving light or okiyome.

How this began:-  In Spring of 2014 while I was at an already world famous homeopath's office, plagued with toxic mold in my bloodstream (without Candida) so I couldn't walk;- I was approached by a Japanese Cult ("New religion") group.
Create Biological Confusion = Toxic Mold = Incurable Doom
Catharsis = Obey Homeopath (Ritual) = Impassioned/Elated Existence
Salvation = Living & without most food = Extreme Phenomena
Follows a pattern that fits into ritual cult abuse protocol:
  • Exposure to Electro Schumann Frequency therapy
  • Change Diet to Minerals & Chlorophyllins - not as sports drink
  • Eliminate "spiritual contaminants" from normal food that grows on planet.
  • Coerced into receiving "light" and harassment by cult member(s)

;- they claimed I was going through a deep "spiritual cleansing" while I attended "light" sessions for 10months as a non-member. Despite cult members adversely affecting my life, being chased out of my home within a month;- becoming homeless with huge "nutrition" bills, I finally joined the Cult for a short period 2/22/2015-8/2015.  I officially resigned 8/2016 and turned in my @ Spiritual level 1 omitama due to their ensuing manipulations/coercion and acute/deadly physical trauma attempts on my head & spinal chord.

The other personal side-note about this cult is that the founder made the cult of a hodgepodge of Asian occult practices and was kicked out of other more established Asian/Japanese cults. The new cult members, as well as those at the Homeopath's office are heavily laden in Network Marketing products as well as having backgrounds in promoting old Nazi value systems such as Skull manipulation and grading, biological blood classification, and financial exploitation of less educated ethnic minority populations. They are English speaking figure heads who have had a dislike of my tribal Asian background from Siberia & the Kurils. Coincidentally, places where their "light giving" okiyome practices began from my tribes shamanic traditions.

My notes on "Salvation Theory" after reading the 1980's publication "DOJO: MAGIC & EXORCISM IN MODERN JAPAN" I ordered shortly after joining the cult. I ordered the book because many of the spiritual dojo members quickly changed behaviour after I "joined" and took the initiation course & ceremony. They began to behave abusively and malevolent spiritually. Their behaviour was similar to other cult behaviour I experienced in my childhood. The  quickly confirmed and explained the main ideas that were enveloped in their particular "Sect."

  1. The main Criticism of the Cult members were that they are all "high" on themselves (Ideal Ego) to be giving the "light of God to people."
  2. The positive was that a person is able to "Bless Food" that is animal derived even though they are striking hypocrites.
  3. There was much hypocrisy of words & actions in between and little logical continuity.
My more General Formula of CULT control follows:

Points of discrepancy/ Notes from spiritual dojo study:

Possession by Defective spirits: The Spirit is Lying if it claims to be GOD. It is sometimes assigned an "Evil" attribute for claiming to be GOD. However, the Cult will claim that everyone is "of GOD" and is equated to a grain of sand makes beach, drop of water makes ocean, a little bit of GOD that remains connected to God (with their help/ through them) yet doesn't make a person GOD. 
After this "possession" of the Cult can claim the new member/ person is "Pathological" as
"Possession in Western Culture is considered pathological behaviour due to the Legal System" (Dojo: Magic & Exorcism in Modern Japan, Page 127).
The Cult member may feel safe in the Cult because there is an extraneous social nonacceptance of this behaviour. It can be compared to having a normal nervous-breakdown (of Western Society) within the constraints of the spiritual values of the Cult.

The Cult uses Coercion & is cold and follows am established protocol. The harmful actions and proof of the Endless Realm of Hope ensue. Typical list of Chemicals, Seduction, and Physical manipulation used in cult protocols are as follows:
    • Sodium Amylobabitone for functional organic/biological confusion
    • Post-Hypnotic Confusion
    • Denial of Actions & Refutes responsibility of Actions (common in Delta altar)
    • Hypnotic Behavior
    • Hypno-Sociodrama
    • Catharsis
      • Psychic Abreaction
      • Electro or Insulin Convulsive Therapy - (Typical in Hawaii)
      • Sodium-Amytal
      • Sodium Pentothal
      • Orgasm / Sex - (Typical in Hawaii)
      • Religious Ritual - (Typical everywhere)
    • Hyper-Arouse
    • Hypnotic Lethargy
    • Semi-Meditative Tranquility
    • Psychogenic Stupor - Extreme cases only.
  • Spiritual Seizure - is not hypnotic, it comes from Repressed Guilt aka Symbolic form of "evil" spirit.
  • Actual Ego compartmentalizes Repressed Guilt/ "evil" spirit to balance the Ideal Ego
    • aka.  Compartmentalize is to hide the disassociation of a deviation from the


 U (Unbearable Dread/Fear) + I (Endless Realm of Hope) = A

U :-   First, is created by placing an uncompromised importance on a concern/object/ideal/movement/practice. A deviation from that First is assigned an Harmful & No compromise Consequence.

I :-  The Endless Realm of Hope - Prayer, Practice, Spells, Giving Light with God,

independent disassociation from the Value System leads to perceived placement in Exceptional meritorious sphere/Realm.

New Death Threat-

Today I got a verbal death threat from someone dressed as a Military personnel, in Camo.
They told me they'll kill me just to make sure Japan is on the US side.
Security Agreements like this, after my Ex USAF OSI father called me & told me he has hated me since I was born yesterday. Apparently;- The USAF had some other intention when they brought my mother to the USA (or as my mom's sister claims:- USAF trafficked my mother to the USA.)
At Valkenburgh Rd. near Pearl Harbor,  I don't take this as a good start to April Fool's day


Cults & Spiritual or Religious factions today create supportive environments for their followers. Some cults are too destructive for their new members. My life in the USA has taken me through a spiritual realm of organizational business and value development in Environmental and Rights movements especially. I have spent a lifetime in the midst of how USA cults & domestic terrorist groups (such as White Supremacists) recruit and develop their organizations by living in some of their communities. All of the negative exposures that I had as a child prompted me to become the "ALICE" aka the vigilante to overcome the injustices. It is not really anything new to the world, except maybe making the statements in English as a primary observer's language. I suppose that the Asian continent is still curious as to what lies beneath the blood streaked Banner of Stars that lies across the Pacific.

Most people who gravitate towards cults do so because they have experienced childhood with some religious setting. The religious setting may have been one of the most peaceful times to interact with "strangers". If there was a meditation or other prayer time, this is a very powerful feeling because there is a sense of safety and trust in closing one's eyes and diminishing senses while reciting a prayer. Many times, all of these basic elements in a person's life are gradually overcome with hectic modern life. Unlike other regression periods, participating in religious or "Spiritual" groups is a socially acceptable adult practise.

OFFERING by the Cult, Religious faction or Spiritual group
- (Mission Statement) An inclusion in the group whose members have a Value System that is based on the appreciation of a common denominator;- singular (noun) Object, Ideal, Person.
- (Participation) The ability for members to participate in a supportive environment that supports the Value System.
- (Acknowledgement) Since many people are not going to give large sums of money (Pirates), the Social Acknowledgement from group must have a high value for the person's ego.
It is from this last portion the Social Acknowledgement that the Cult gains it's momentum and control.

Mind Control and Ego are common facets of Total Environment. Symbology has evolved in similar ways throughout the world;- yet homogenization of Symbology in meaning/definition is not uniform throughout the world.  I'm not talking about any traditional college courses here. These are attributes that I am attempting to define from my point of view at the organizational level of a Cult or group that is "Spiritually" inclined.

                    Actual Ego + Ideal Ego = Destruction or Resurrection of Ego

The Actual Ego, is the Ego in itself with it's natural flaws and understanding of Sin, Good & Evil.
When the Actual Ego enters the Cult, there is a significant impact of feeling "unworthy", due to dedication of time to values, that may be impressed on the individual. This unworthy feeling may be kept supressed by the new member. Some Cult members call this the testing period, other's use it as a crux for bending a person to surrender themselves to the Cult for fear of further rejection.

The Ideal Ego, (ie., the Divine person who is with God);- This is to say, some fantasized version of what life is like as a human, within human social constraints living perfectly with the Spiritual Value System. However, attached to the Ideal Ego is a typified Ultimate Personage. The Ultimate Personage is the spiritual version of Ideal Ego that is meditated upon and used for Actual Ego comparison check-in.

Destruction of Ego;- In fact, once the Prayer/Check-in with God/Meditation/Spell/Healing Energy is made the Actual Ego goes through a small, or large, destruction (aka to Humble oneself).  In extreme cases, the Actual Ego is annihilated/destroyed as a show of unworthiness in this realm of existence;- ie., Waco, Suicide bombers, Mass suicides. In a normal case, slight correction of an unbecoming behaviour or circumstance & attributing the correction to the Ultimate Personage/ Thaumaturgy/ God.
  • The Cult already knows that most people "will believe in" the 10% they hear that is good.
  • This Destruction of Ego is a small eye opening to see & change the 90% undesirable with the Cult's Value System.   

Resurrection of Ego;- The Actual Ego attains a "Theta state" while accepting the Cult programming. The Overall corrections to the Value System are comprehensive and emerge as to fit the desires/needs of the Cult. On a spiritual level, the Actual Ego has relaxed within the Cult environment and is attuned to the Value System in entirety and can insert pentagram to dictate change.

The Comic/Movie Deadpool uses the "Salvation Theory" justification theme
Incurable Death + Ultimate Cure = Deadpool

Spiritual Cults work on a similar platform.


write more later;- bedtime....m still sorting out all of this... groan. My worse than a vampire problem has subsided Skinwalker Navajo & Rosacrucians. Time taken over by retired? DELTA altar Military Contractor, Add back in JP Cult members tied to Yakuza gangs, and minus one Nutritionist who hates me who has White supremacy background and a huge Isis tattoo splayed on her back. I NEED SLEEP!!!!