Thursday, March 03, 2016

Starbucks Vs Coffee Bean

Starbucks new rewards program that starts up soon had me weighing in the collection of coffee shop spending cards I have piled up. It's Hawaii (the Coffee State--they could put beans on my license plate & I'd be happy) I have at least a half dozen  locations I frequent. 
This is in the order of like ability, not convenience:- 

1. Green World coffee
2. Coffee Bean
3. Taco Bell (yes I like their coffee & drive through & will splurge on a dry & cheeseless potato soft taco for $1.39 )
4. Starbucks 
5. 7-11

My demographic;- vegan on the paleo side. coffee, nuts, occasional meal my NY bagel, and coffee or tea lattes & Americano made with Almond milk #1&2 carry. Or coconut milk or occasional soy. Free wi-if for my online international spiritual group meetings and to catch up on Asian politics news & elections. 

Starbucks has little value when I weigh it out on spending $$ for rewards instead of per drink. Except convenience and domination in airports.