Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spirituality & Light giving orders

  • Light - what is it?
  • False Teachers
Light is Light esteemed on its own & encompasses the Duality of the Ying-Yang concepts. Ying-Yang washes away the "good & evil" of human actions with perception of the Read (like colors juxtaposed). Many people are familiar with the "Dark" side.  To accept "life force" through the filter of conditional and finite human belief systems like "money" is not of God. If life force is equated to money in actuality;- most human activity would stop and halt if it were an absolute fact of existence.

Light giving, sounds super obscure. To give, the intangible "light" or more appropriately "to distribute" light. Light, is what spiritualists call by different names and have different Quality;
Human Light without God= Source,  Life Force, Chi(Ch), Reiki (JP), Photons,
Human Light with God = God's Light, Divine Light, Okiyome (JP), Heilstrom(De).

Some religions consider "distributing light" the same as blessing objects, food, living beings with an extra dose of God's source energy. it can become more obscure with occult pendants/talismans with "Alien technology", Guardian angel, other "hired" angels, guiding Pleiadians (or other ET), or a deceased spirit of a prior member/spiritualist as claims.

"The Devil is Mighty, God is Almighty." ~ Bruno Groening, master healer & mystic

Highly desired: Find a donation based teacher or "free" access to teachings and do book research.

Undesired:  Entrapments and disruption from Light based organizations/cults and spiritualists cause by social pressure of giving donations.

Light is "assumed" to be given when a person develops the attribute of unconditional love further.
However, part of the teaching that runs consistent is that there are False Teachers.
These "False Teachers" are the organizations and sects of spiritualists and religions who attempt to pilfer the pockets of their students. This seems to be more prevalent in Euro-centric countries and traditions that don't have "free" monastery based educational & boarding systems.

Charging for Light service/ learning and demanding donations is considered to be on the same plane as the martial arts fopas to 'charge' for lessons;- lending itself to corruption of an influx of money and glitz that stems from perpetuators of crime. This is regardless of what God lets humans do.
To stay on the path of light, is regardless of the social constructs of Human social systems;- difficult indeed. God, does not force us to be part of the Divine energy source. It is part of God's plan, to allow us to remain flawed in our sins and die. Asking forgiveness is possible. Transcending the limitations of this existence remains in our abilities to navigate the asteroid belt of dark matters that others put in our path.