Friday, March 04, 2016

Small Space Craft to fall to earth

Use your chi/ life energy force to keep the beings in these craft alive. When they crash to the earth they loose the cosmic force that is outside the earth's atmosphere that they use to stay afloat. Unless you channel your chi/ light force, life force to these small craft, they will not survive. Please take them to a temple where monks and others meditate all day.
Several small and very heavy spacecraft, much like a traditional flying saucer. Small as in within the circumference of a basketball, yet much heavier & denser like a lead weight with an usual center of gravity. (yet still within carrying weight with both hands). They are very heavy and with a matted metallic sheen. The surface is detailed, with some windows if any;- yet there are no other apparent openings to pry open.
These craft will glow with light/ life force if you are able to channel and
focus your energy to them.

Please take them to a Temple for Buddha or Krishna if you come upon one of these craft. They are precious beings from God & the heavens.