Sunday, March 20, 2016

Receive God's Light like Leaves on a Tree

Everyday, I am surrounded by human beings with souls. Many of them choose to identify themselves with what they call "races".  These are seemingly unimportant physical traits. Nearly All of these traits have a different quality in their material presence. The human races speak of these "physical qualities" as being superior to another human being with a soul.

Over the millennia, These discussions about "race" have transcended the physical and started to dominate the spiritual perceptive plane of souls given human bodies. So then, today the spiritual world is clouded by the physical differences. 
 The more constraints a human being allows to inhabit their body = the more they are clinging to their humanness. Souls in human bodies worship God's creation of the human physical form.  These souls are engaging conversations as to who is more spiritual by receiving divine light that are directly linked to melanin in humans. It is all there to belittle or entertain those who enjoy oppression. 

This has little to do with being "God centered". Being God centered is allowing oneself, as a soul inhabiting a human body (a gift of solid matter from God) to reclaim their truly divine nature.