Thursday, March 17, 2016

Personal check-in - a MK

Today, I'm just really angry. I suppose it's like my monk said after my meditations lead me to a complete center of pure rage, "maybe you need to feel anger". I tried to live  and peacefully control my moods every day. 

I lived in normal American environments, exposed to normal biological factors. The person who was my brother;- was exposed to the worst Irradiation. We are the World's actual test dummies for consumer stupidity and poor decisions. We are a test group of the biological actuality of nuclear weapons usage. I, have been asked to write "a book" since I was 21. Today I am in my 40's.

As a part of this civilian USA & Japan governments influenced social program called MK Ultra;- as well as genetical program after Hiroshima was bombed; – and sadly raised within arms reach of Rosacrucians cult leaders in Bucks County, PA. I'm infuriated at the people who are civilians who have profited from the government experiments that have so influenced my life in every aspect. 

For me, it has been a lifetime of psychological protocol from MK ultra protocols that I have been fighting.  My controllers know that I was able to create a conscious partition in my memory  to where i was able to store and thus able to clearly recollect otherwise "unconscious programming sessions."  They called this my defiance disorder when I was 25. I I survived Everything from protocol administered physical, psychological, and emotional torture to financial devastation. At 17, I entered a liberal arts college in Ithaca, NY as a dual major set to have 2 Bachelor's degrees by 21 and my 1st Master's degree by 22. Instead I went into my "Alice program protocol" and became an organizer who founded an active rights group & voted president of the environmental society. I delved into my own physical fitness and also visual arts including turn of century DIY computer animation at the advent of the 1st G3 computer. At which point my controllers from same town Cornell University sloppily implanted NLP enneagrams that I was able to express to the community with conscious awareness. It was a relentless battle for me at that time. 

Today, the public talks about MK Ultra as if it happens everywhere & to everyone like sliced bread. They tout killing the planet with their highly toxic lifestyles as "uncontrollable" because of their slave mentality.