Wednesday, March 02, 2016

My most recent letter to Starbucks

Many times I am a customer at Starbucks here on Oahu, your staff makes me look like I have a problem. Today, I decided to write because I purchased a toasted bagel, and they gave me only 1jam packet. I took a photo so you can see how a thin layer covers the surface area of only 1&1/2 of the bagel. 
Otherwise I am unhappy with the racism directed at me from some of your "Caucasian" baristas who say they can't understand  my English. I'm 41 and attended Ithaca College and Cornell University and have been a PR spokesperson for environmental groups and currently do volunteer for an international spiritual 501c3 as well as Hawaii for Hillary. I also happen to have been a USA rep for EX-IM as I have a somewhat political but definitely corporate founding family relatives in Japan. I know people judge by appearances here in Hawaii. 
I also wish you would have almond milk on your menu. My nutritionist dislikes my eating soy, grain, fruit. I am allowed nuts, coffee, tea, and veggies, avocado. I saw the rewards program is changing and so I want to tell you;- I will have to switch to Coffee Bean entirely:- because they have almond milk. And for a little more their bagels (convenience for me) have PB on them and I can take bananas off. I am not supposed to eat fruit with any other foods. 
Additionally, dairy Milk is expensive on this island. Aside from my veganism;- many people here regularly drink soy and almond milk, which is also less expensive at the market. 
I love the convenient locations of Starbucks;- but if $ for $ I have to choose between you and Coffee Beanery;- they will win.