Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Identity theft, sex trafficking & Hawaii

Just 2 generations since some of the Pacific's most historic battles, Hawaii's military culture has created an influx of civilian women who have been forced into the sex industry (aka the Industry).
One of the most common types of sex trafficking happens because of the severe "cultural" reliance on a wholesome family structure. Women of all ages arrive in Hawaii for a vacation, and are robbed of their crucial USA identification. Many of these women have abusive and unhelpful parents who have military backgrounds. Any identity information the parents hold "in good faith" for ther daughter is quickly lost (good faith) once needed in emergency. The parents refuse to surrender the identity information their kids who can be older adult women. 
This behavior coupled with discrimination for being "mainlanders" by the Hawaii State residents makes it nearly impossible for women to return to the mainland on a plane flight (without ID). 
No job, no money, no protection, no housing, many women are left to turn to the sex industry if not forced or coerced, in hopes of returning to their previous lives.
The common military mindset and 3rd world mindset thinks this use of its women "of age" is acceptable to "return the favor".