Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Ideal illusions today

TPP is old talk in the USA already. Long forgotten is Hillary's conversation about generating economic support in 3rd world ASEAN nations for WOMEN to sell in online cottage industry. The actuality of it occurring is that it generated some $120mil in revenue
For Obama's childhood Home State, despite a more "Republican" canter that WILL always happen when dealing when not scorching and burning nations that USA engages in EX-IM.

For yours truly;- the politics are a total wash of actuality disparity and well intentioned thoughts that amount to less than nothing. The stress placed on me to perform in business with such anticipation of cash flow directly from Japan is so misplaced. That is in actuality aside from some personal commitment to info flow.
If u read my blog the politics of misperceptions plagues my life at the ground level. I'm back to thinking in terms of ideal illusions.