Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hawaii guys- "Community Leader" type

The "Community Leader" 
He is respected by his community through a variety of organizations. Not all of these men are bad to date, however, watch out for the bad ones. Underneath their strong & statured posturing as a role model;- the stress will be vented somewhere where he thinks no one is looking. Every type of abuse can be dished out freely financial, physical, emotional. Usually the financial & physical abuse are firsts and he considers your emotional response to him "your problem alone" because His feelings are superior and more worthy of attention.  He may be single & seem baggage free. However, because of his position, he firmly believes that the social organizations for abused women exist specifically so he CAN abuse women and not feel bad about it because "someone" will take care of them. 
If you can't handle making a community spectacle of your disaster, you will suffer silently & alone.