Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hawaii Govt. killing Ex-IM

My USA Export Import politica life on Oahu;-  
Trying to find security here on Oahu is very difficult for me. I need personal space on days like today. Personal space of being left alone to cry in utter anguish. I am burning both ends of the candle so to speak. That "all light" diet seems to be coming to my life soon as the world is so terse. I've tried my best to hang on for everyone else...despite their sheer ignorance.

My prior apartment/house in Mililani were frequently broken into. That probably includes Military intelligence. Some of those compromising security were the security officers themselves due to how impoverished the cost of living is and a lack of "legitimate" funds for their personal credit rating to remain intact.

-The Kapahulu end of Waikiki is out due to Japanese gangs who own hotels on island. 
- Some of the gangs seem to manipulate online browsing;- Craigslist, etc.
- Hawaii Kai has gone to the Koreans who are blatantly racist due to Samsung's 50mil home being built in the neighborhood.
- St. Louis heights goes to Mexican mafia who have dominated in the federal buildings construction contracts & security on island. 

That's just for a few. I'm exhausted from the tension I feel today. I want a safe quiet space of my own where I can use the bathroom quietly and know when I enter someone isn't going to try and kill me. 

I wish I could say to the dumdums -- what I think of them exactly:- how bad their perception is skewed.