Monday, March 14, 2016

Growing up Half Japanese in a white community

Like other "successful" kids I attended church and High school with, I was pulled out of my Classes during school to attend Ala-teen meetings. My parents faults were blaring to my community that was already heavily white supremacist influenced. It was a difficult balancing act for me to maintain since I was teetering on the brink on being thrown into foster care in an unacceptable and racist community. My parents abuse was overshadowed by the negtivity I endured throughout my public school years In Quakertown, Pa. it had been difficult to separate the bruises I was smattered with from girls beating me up each recess in front of teAchers and the ones I received at home for not being a worthy student. I was told that Corporal punishment wasn't illegal in Pennsyvania so I really didn't matter to the school or church ( where more abuses happened).
It was something I endured and kept my hope up since I knew I had acceptance in my other home country of Japan.