Friday, March 25, 2016

Forget Hawaii Security

People in 👘Japan are well aware that Yamaguchi-gumi & Yakuza gang factions are practically sworn enemies to my relatives. The fact that Hawaii is full of these legitimate United States Yakuza business people is not a hidden fact. Why anyone would think I'm doing "Great" since I landed in Hawaii is beyond me. I have to work in Hawaii's legitimate night clubs, where I am "allowed" by different Asian-Americans who choose to accept me. The money I make is barely what I made as a Part-time non-profit piano teacher and the hours are longer & tiring, especially since I have reached my 40's. I don't have energy for 2more jobs or the patience as those around me continuously take to creating "issues" and try to instigate legal issues. 
Twice, men who identified themselves to me as Yamaguchi-gumi tipped me $12 each time they warned me to stay out of Waikiki when they had meeting/outing, and to stay away from their end of Waikiki since Yakuza war began, a year prior to media acknowledgement. 

Everyone else, especially US military, remains numb to the actuality of what is going on. My life here is difficult, very poor in fact for Hawaii's multimillionaire scene. The US military pays rent here for the soldiers so they have nothing to fear.

Those are some of my issues with other Japanese alone. Then there is everyone else who terrorized me, especially From Phillipines who are like Yakuza gangs & are knowingly are jealous of my family relation that already brokers steel & builds infrastructure. Tell me how these people aren't terrorists? How am I to do USA Ex-IM in this insecure environment. That discludes the high level clearance US Military men who have tried to kill me while the local Honolulu Police stand by idle and Prosecutor succumbs to cheap tips from the other side, never contacting me.

I have no life left here in Hawaii, or the USA for that matter. I do hope for something better for me  than the people whom I have already met, in all fairness. 
This was a tough gig for this lifetime. 

Ps. Just an afterthought about how my treacherous 1month vacation in Hawaii ruined most of my financial life in the USA. How could he, The Martial arts security person with 31+ black belts including 5-6 Grandmaster titles, not understand that staying in Hawaii was a bad idea to force on me. He hisself told me that all the "Gangs" in Hawaii had asked them to train him. So someone please tell me where he gets away with involving federal & local law enforcement to in essence "pimp me out". Left me with bad credit, I wasn't able to pay bills once I landed here, ransacked what was possible out of my Social security number and His federal and local buddy ties at the banks & DOE. 
Now he's at wits end trying to save his parent's home (so he says). So how am I really supposed to trust him? I can't. I'm just wondering who's going to kill me first here in Hawaii.