Monday, March 07, 2016

Feminism, tampons,& Hawaii

There has got to be a way. Oahu, isn't the Mecca of untamed Brazilian bikinis after Big Wave season and the surfers leave North Shore by March.  
So rest of the year, women- are heavyset housewives, pastey, untanned, skinny, can't stand on the beach when white water washes in after the low tide shore break Tourists and residing foreigners. 
I hope u get the picture. 
So for the rest of the local women who are exotic prey to the men visiting the islands 366/24/7;- maybe the others don't understand we can't ALWAYS keep a stock of emergency tampons!!!
Since they ELImINaTeD almost all tampon dispensers in every restroom, local women ask for tampons from each other...there goes emergency stock. Then for those of us who are active and use soft. Cups or diva cups- accidents accumulated blood to happen and 1 tampon isn't enough backup to have in Just lucky it's not in the Sharkie waters of O beach.
Plus;- they stopped selling TRaVEL size packs. So, no shopping, no events, and only the slimmist evening  bag. For those of us who like natural plan, taking pills to stop The Flo isn't a good option.
Ugh...prices are ridiculous!!!!