Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Extra Monitoring USA - domestic travelers non-white

Brussels attack, has pushed forward the extra global monitoring time up from May 15th - June 15. Personal security for business travelers and other influential persons and future connections is at an extreme high. 

Many spiritual groups that include claimed Pleidian connections will travel into the USA for their international meetings;- May 15-May 30.
Those internationals taking extra precautions will have left the USA prior to their USA re-entry closer to meeting time, it may appear as atypical travel plan. 

Advice is to travel lightly as USA Airport security is prone to emotional outbursts and interferences, and slander in the airport in order to cause unneeded security disruptions. USA airport security is also subject to personal value sets (use Trump as an example) that do not coordinate with keeping global World peace.

They can and have confiscated anything one brings in USA airport through domestic changes;- including phone chargers and tearing down important means of personal safety & security communication. 

I was born a USA national;- I represented the USA at APEC in 2011. USA domestic airport security has severely compromised my own personal safety by creating extra delays and contaminating my baggage as well as destroying my communications. They cost me great agony with 1 carry on suitcase and no checkin baggage.