Monday, March 21, 2016

EX-IM warning

 I received a death threat from the local Hawaii Iolani* crowd yesterday. More specifically, the Hawaii Iolani* crowd who are possibly pro-republican and run Hawaii's above ground sex trade- most likely part of Hawaii's old sex trafficking families.  Despite the Iolansters* being Asian minorities they are propping up a Trump for President message. 
The Hawaii Iolani crowd are isolationist and want to use that to Kill (me) & the new USA EX-IM efforts even if they don't agree with the Donald. 

*my stereotyping of Hawaii's crowd of private schooled people who are proud not to speak pidgeon (some from families remaining in the States for 3-4 generations) 

This all comes after last week's St. Patrick's day missile launch at Japan by North Korea. I was already put on "code red"