Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ex-IM are the Doers

The Export Import world I know of and am familiar with is indifferent to religion. Trust is something that exists based on actual execution of business dealings. Trust is not something that follows behind the failed acknowledgement of some Christian's God, or anyone from any religion. American's seem to have a habit of screaming that they are Christian, which brings them online with their own views of domestic acceptance. They FAIL, in most circumstances, to engage and correctly complete most of what they proport they will do in fairness. And sometimes those with a proven track record fail because of those "Christians" who want to show off and ask for their forgiving God's pardon. 

I had the most Disgusting dinner:- I was listening to another biggot scream the word Christianity aloud, while trying to eat my moldy cooked mixed Veggies from Panda on Valkenburg. 

So amidst his smattering of Crowley and other names used to Justify the Christian background of USA culture and acceptence in USA military;-ugh such awful and annoying commentary.