Thursday, March 24, 2016

American @ssh@l@s versus Terrorists

The United States of America is supposed to be a diverse place. However, despite weak attempts at incorporating diversity in the Corporate schema;- it has failed. There are large companies that have purchased multiple properties in the USA, in nearly every state. These companies are supposed to do some kind of minimal human rights standards. However, depending on the actual employees, their personal values, and the surrounding community;- they can be harsh and discriminate against their customers. Some places that are predominantly "Caucasian" will target non-Caucasian customers, harass them, break into their vehicles, confiscate laptops at coffee shops, and even call in their friends to terrorize these USA citizens. However, some of the non-Caucasians they target have not been USA citizens. So, it takes on an actual air of American Terrorists who target Foreign citizens. The USA cries loudly that they are "All Men are Created Equal". Most international people who have foreign citizenship have learned that is not the case;- even if they are also citizens of the United States.

It does translate;- that the USA has a plethora of quantifiable terrorists who pose a threat to the Peace & Security of the World more than the "Outright" terrorist attacks that we see in non-democratic countries.

The United States and it's common people attribute most of the attacks, rapes/ sexual assaults, aggravated assaults and other issues to common "Party" standards as well as college/University campus "Frat Party" standards of their Privileged intellectuals.  I think that it's time we call it what it is in the Worldwide media 'U.S.A. Terrorism."