Saturday, March 19, 2016

About Life on

Why is it that the world it's not progressed? 
When the great architectural monuments were built on the earth, humans had little money and immense connection to God.
The reasoning below has not followed;- slave forces are employed with paper and metal objects/coins that have significant value to objects/goods that destroy the life force of the planet. 

Maybe humans don't know how to connect to God any longer. They cannot live without their shelters. Well, Soon they cannot live with them!!! 

The path to true freedom exists. Desperation from Money exists. 
Instead of working on spirituality and unconditional love amongst each other, humans have worked to create even more mortality in exchange of money!
It is an exchange of constant death!!!

Humans today have fallen from the unconditional love the Masons  and builders of the past created by providing shelter to many!!!
Long gone are the thoughts;-
If you have little money and the ability to build a house. You can have a house of your own someday.

If you have billions of dollars yet no ability to build a house. You will never have a house that is truly your own. 

Today, for humanity to survive they must leave the finite interactions of their numbers system. Every interaction to make finite sets of human interactions must cease! It's very existence is collapsing What remains of the life force God gave to the Earth. 
Nuclear war & energy destroys God's lesser spiritual beings. This is a sign of the need to keep What remains, the remnants of God's creation. It was a grand project, souls will be annihilated.