Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Life Beyond Numbers

We are taught we are "of God" in nearly every spiritual discourse. God the Almighty is infinite. We all have some quality of God with us as we walk this Earth Eden. 

Money, quantifies many legal & illegal interactions between humans in life. Money is a finite system because it is unable to withstand the bounds of Time that define human bodily mortality. Rarely, does anyone address the quality of the human perception experience from the world of spirits & souls or interstellar realms. Money is the greatest human excuse to define otherwise Godly traits. 

Those who have unconditional love of others are scoffed at by prostitutes. 

Those who are peaceful and enjoy a non-violent frame of mindset are ridiculed as weak by the violent Warriors and militarists. Many of these Violent warriors were enchanted by the lust of violence, money rewards, and shows of courageous strength, only to succumb to  trying to make a living sharing their violent framed Mindset's version of living peacefully. 

Families who stay together for the sake of their children and the family can become are troubled & face legal humiliation compared to the broken families of unmarried couples who compete financially to secure welfare distributions. The children rarely grow up with unconditional love in their presence. 

 These are just a few examples, why humanity as a whole must steer away from money. 

Today Earth Eden is becoming decrepit with mortality and conditional love based on money. There must be a way to regain Eden and save the precious gift this world full of transient souls has. The beautiful environment Earth Eden once was a place full of unconditional love and light. To make Earth Eden a place where there is less hatred and grandeur of false kingship & queenship that destroys more families. To make the world peaceable once again without it falling into states of anarchy and chaos due to the human attachment of money. The Earth countries will fall. They will fall swiftly to a spiritual bath like lemmings over a sea cliff. 

To live, without money. To live with life. To live with abundance of health. To live with a new creed and renewed spiritual investment in God's manner. This is ultimate health. This is ultimate peace & freedom.