Thursday, March 31, 2016

USA murder attempts on EX-IM

The United States decided to detain me from my home country of Japan, and has made several attempts to slaughter me. 
Each person I contact who works at a different agency has a particular political opinion. The total sum of their actions has damaged my life and is highly unacceptable for me to continue with my role in the USA.
Today, I'm revisiting the financial damage caused by Honolulu Police department and  a 2013 murder attempt made by a Nuclear Submariner in the USA Navy. I was never contacted by the Hawaii State or Honolulu prosecutor regarding the matter, as she was bought by the Navy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

USA military wants run guns through ASEAN Ex-im

USA is Only one country. Their military has expressed a want and need to run guns and more arms through ASEAN territory. They think it's great and their contribution to world peace.
ASEAN is comprised of 10 large Asian countries  on this planet working together without USA's new TPP agreement. 
Does the ASEAN world & its families really want to afford the risk of the USA? 
I don't want that ASEAN blood on my karma. 
Most USA citizens of any race or nationality think tearing apart other nations is a great money maker. They have zero regard for actual peace. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Identity theft, sex trafficking & Hawaii

Just 2 generations since some of the Pacific's most historic battles, Hawaii's military culture has created an influx of civilian women who have been forced into the sex industry (aka the Industry).
One of the most common types of sex trafficking happens because of the severe "cultural" reliance on a wholesome family structure. Women of all ages arrive in Hawaii for a vacation, and are robbed of their crucial USA identification. Many of these women have abusive and unhelpful parents who have military backgrounds. Any identity information the parents hold "in good faith" for ther daughter is quickly lost (good faith) once needed in emergency. The parents refuse to surrender the identity information their kids who can be older adult women. 
This behavior coupled with discrimination for being "mainlanders" by the Hawaii State residents makes it nearly impossible for women to return to the mainland on a plane flight (without ID). 
No job, no money, no protection, no housing, many women are left to turn to the sex industry if not forced or coerced, in hopes of returning to their previous lives.
The common military mindset and 3rd world mindset thinks this use of its women "of age" is acceptable to "return the favor".

Friday, March 25, 2016

Forget Hawaii Security

People in 👘Japan are well aware that Yamaguchi-gumi & Yakuza gang factions are practically sworn enemies to my relatives. The fact that Hawaii is full of these legitimate United States Yakuza business people is not a hidden fact. Why anyone would think I'm doing "Great" since I landed in Hawaii is beyond me. I have to work in Hawaii's legitimate night clubs, where I am "allowed" by different Asian-Americans who choose to accept me. The money I make is barely what I made as a Part-time non-profit piano teacher and the hours are longer & tiring, especially since I have reached my 40's. I don't have energy for 2more jobs or the patience as those around me continuously take to creating "issues" and try to instigate legal issues. 
Twice, men who identified themselves to me as Yamaguchi-gumi tipped me $12 each time they warned me to stay out of Waikiki when they had meeting/outing, and to stay away from their end of Waikiki since Yakuza war began, a year prior to media acknowledgement. 

Everyone else, especially US military, remains numb to the actuality of what is going on. My life here is difficult, very poor in fact for Hawaii's multimillionaire scene. The US military pays rent here for the soldiers so they have nothing to fear.

Those are some of my issues with other Japanese alone. Then there is everyone else who terrorized me, especially From Phillipines who are like Yakuza gangs & are knowingly are jealous of my family relation that already brokers steel & builds infrastructure. Tell me how these people aren't terrorists? How am I to do USA Ex-IM in this insecure environment. That discludes the high level clearance US Military men who have tried to kill me while the local Honolulu Police stand by idle and Prosecutor succumbs to cheap tips from the other side, never contacting me.

I have no life left here in Hawaii, or the USA for that matter. I do hope for something better for me  than the people whom I have already met, in all fairness. 
This was a tough gig for this lifetime. 

Ps. Just an afterthought about how my treacherous 1month vacation in Hawaii ruined most of my financial life in the USA. How could he, The Martial arts security person with 31+ black belts including 5-6 Grandmaster titles, not understand that staying in Hawaii was a bad idea to force on me. He hisself told me that all the "Gangs" in Hawaii had asked them to train him. So someone please tell me where he gets away with involving federal & local law enforcement to in essence "pimp me out". Left me with bad credit, I wasn't able to pay bills once I landed here, ransacked what was possible out of my Social security number and His federal and local buddy ties at the banks & DOE. 
Now he's at wits end trying to save his parent's home (so he says). So how am I really supposed to trust him? I can't. I'm just wondering who's going to kill me first here in Hawaii. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ex-IM are the Doers

The Export Import world I know of and am familiar with is indifferent to religion. Trust is something that exists based on actual execution of business dealings. Trust is not something that follows behind the failed acknowledgement of some Christian's God, or anyone from any religion. American's seem to have a habit of screaming that they are Christian, which brings them online with their own views of domestic acceptance. They FAIL, in most circumstances, to engage and correctly complete most of what they proport they will do in fairness. And sometimes those with a proven track record fail because of those "Christians" who want to show off and ask for their forgiving God's pardon. 

I had the most Disgusting dinner:- I was listening to another biggot scream the word Christianity aloud, while trying to eat my moldy cooked mixed Veggies from Panda on Valkenburg. 

So amidst his smattering of Crowley and other names used to Justify the Christian background of USA culture and acceptence in USA military;-ugh such awful and annoying commentary.

American @ssh@l@s versus Terrorists

The United States of America is supposed to be a diverse place. However, despite weak attempts at incorporating diversity in the Corporate schema;- it has failed. There are large companies that have purchased multiple properties in the USA, in nearly every state. These companies are supposed to do some kind of minimal human rights standards. However, depending on the actual employees, their personal values, and the surrounding community;- they can be harsh and discriminate against their customers. Some places that are predominantly "Caucasian" will target non-Caucasian customers, harass them, break into their vehicles, confiscate laptops at coffee shops, and even call in their friends to terrorize these USA citizens. However, some of the non-Caucasians they target have not been USA citizens. So, it takes on an actual air of American Terrorists who target Foreign citizens. The USA cries loudly that they are "All Men are Created Equal". Most international people who have foreign citizenship have learned that is not the case;- even if they are also citizens of the United States.

It does translate;- that the USA has a plethora of quantifiable terrorists who pose a threat to the Peace & Security of the World more than the "Outright" terrorist attacks that we see in non-democratic countries.

The United States and it's common people attribute most of the attacks, rapes/ sexual assaults, aggravated assaults and other issues to common "Party" standards as well as college/University campus "Frat Party" standards of their Privileged intellectuals.  I think that it's time we call it what it is in the Worldwide media 'U.S.A. Terrorism."

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

USA airports & Personal security

Racism plan that pervades the business scene of the USA:- Because I am non-white & born a dual-national.

Federal security discrimination stolen my belongings in air travel including;- important and crucial items to my personal security. 
My experiences as well as those of other non "Caucasian" friends of mine who make substantial money in USA domestic oil and other industries, are shared. 
It seems that the airports target us as terrorists and confiscate our baggage. 

Now tell me, did they turn around and give someone my clothing, cellphone, and ID if they take my ID this time? 
Oh, and there is no complaint bureau.

Extra Monitoring USA - domestic travelers non-white

Brussels attack, has pushed forward the extra global monitoring time up from May 15th - June 15. Personal security for business travelers and other influential persons and future connections is at an extreme high. 

Many spiritual groups that include claimed Pleidian connections will travel into the USA for their international meetings;- May 15-May 30.
Those internationals taking extra precautions will have left the USA prior to their USA re-entry closer to meeting time, it may appear as atypical travel plan. 

Advice is to travel lightly as USA Airport security is prone to emotional outbursts and interferences, and slander in the airport in order to cause unneeded security disruptions. USA airport security is also subject to personal value sets (use Trump as an example) that do not coordinate with keeping global World peace.

They can and have confiscated anything one brings in USA airport through domestic changes;- including phone chargers and tearing down important means of personal safety & security communication. 

I was born a USA national;- I represented the USA at APEC in 2011. USA domestic airport security has severely compromised my own personal safety by creating extra delays and contaminating my baggage as well as destroying my communications. They cost me great agony with 1 carry on suitcase and no checkin baggage.

Prayers for @ Brussels

Dear God, & Master Healers;-
for those affected by the Belgium terror attacks yesterday,
 for the Peace in the World and for those making preparations for the Security of Peace;- 
please quickly heal these wounds.
Please, take away this sacrifice,all, of suffering, Divine God. 
Please send patience, protection, and security & safety to myself & my family relatives, and to those adversely affected by the Brussels Airport Terror attacks.
Thank you.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Donald Trump foreign agent

Why is it that a white man who is alleged to have received funds from people in a foreign country isn't considered a foreign agent? 
It doesn't matter if he set up business from the United States. 
I think Donald Trump should be expelled.

EX-IM warning

 I received a death threat from the local Hawaii Iolani* crowd yesterday. More specifically, the Hawaii Iolani* crowd who are possibly pro-republican and run Hawaii's above ground sex trade- most likely part of Hawaii's old sex trafficking families.  Despite the Iolansters* being Asian minorities they are propping up a Trump for President message. 
The Hawaii Iolani crowd are isolationist and want to use that to Kill (me) & the new USA EX-IM efforts even if they don't agree with the Donald. 

*my stereotyping of Hawaii's crowd of private schooled people who are proud not to speak pidgeon (some from families remaining in the States for 3-4 generations) 

This all comes after last week's St. Patrick's day missile launch at Japan by North Korea. I was already put on "code red" 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I am Plant

Souls in Human bodies are like Leaves on a Tree and receive the Great Divine Light.

We are beings of the Great Divine Light and life-giving force.
The variations that make our unique human body are part of our physical gift from God.
My human form, is gifted with being able to sustain itself on minerals, water, some plant matter, and chloryphillins as well as  on plant life and filled with the Great Divine Light and of God's creation.

My next task, as others have indicated is for me to switch my human form to a light-based diet of light alone. We may see the future as humanity as sustainable if this is accomplished.

Receive God's Light like Leaves on a Tree

Everyday, I am surrounded by human beings with souls. Many of them choose to identify themselves with what they call "races".  These are seemingly unimportant physical traits. Nearly All of these traits have a different quality in their material presence. The human races speak of these "physical qualities" as being superior to another human being with a soul.

Over the millennia, These discussions about "race" have transcended the physical and started to dominate the spiritual perceptive plane of souls given human bodies. So then, today the spiritual world is clouded by the physical differences. 
 The more constraints a human being allows to inhabit their body = the more they are clinging to their humanness. Souls in human bodies worship God's creation of the human physical form.  These souls are engaging conversations as to who is more spiritual by receiving divine light that are directly linked to melanin in humans. It is all there to belittle or entertain those who enjoy oppression. 

This has little to do with being "God centered". Being God centered is allowing oneself, as a soul inhabiting a human body (a gift of solid matter from God) to reclaim their truly divine nature.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Life Beyond Numbers

We are taught we are "of God" in nearly every spiritual discourse. God the Almighty is infinite. We all have some quality of God with us as we walk this Earth Eden. 

Money, quantifies many legal & illegal interactions between humans in life. Money is a finite system because it is unable to withstand the bounds of Time that define human bodily mortality. Rarely, does anyone address the quality of the human perception experience from the world of spirits & souls or interstellar realms. Money is the greatest human excuse to define otherwise Godly traits. 

Those who have unconditional love of others are scoffed at by prostitutes. 

Those who are peaceful and enjoy a non-violent frame of mindset are ridiculed as weak by the violent Warriors and militarists. Many of these Violent warriors were enchanted by the lust of violence, money rewards, and shows of courageous strength, only to succumb to  trying to make a living sharing their violent framed Mindset's version of living peacefully. 

Families who stay together for the sake of their children and the family can become are troubled & face legal humiliation compared to the broken families of unmarried couples who compete financially to secure welfare distributions. The children rarely grow up with unconditional love in their presence. 

 These are just a few examples, why humanity as a whole must steer away from money. 

Today Earth Eden is becoming decrepit with mortality and conditional love based on money. There must be a way to regain Eden and save the precious gift this world full of transient souls has. The beautiful environment Earth Eden once was a place full of unconditional love and light. To make Earth Eden a place where there is less hatred and grandeur of false kingship & queenship that destroys more families. To make the world peaceable once again without it falling into states of anarchy and chaos due to the human attachment of money. The Earth countries will fall. They will fall swiftly to a spiritual bath like lemmings over a sea cliff. 

To live, without money. To live with life. To live with abundance of health. To live with a new creed and renewed spiritual investment in God's manner. This is ultimate health. This is ultimate peace & freedom. 

Light Based Organization & old Nazi ideals

Many of the light-based organizations I have experienced during my time & distributing light and receiving light in Hawaii are highly offensive to me. There is an air reminiscent of Nazi ideals. This includes manipulation of my cranium and its classification. They claim to have some end goal in common. They claim that they are "cleansing the earth" of toxins. Or on the reverse, that the material world is toxic and not of God or spiritual body because it is solid matter. 

The members of thes organizations and their leaders and staff are highly critical of me. They are astonished that I can speak any language, let English. They are souls who worship the human form, not God. 

About Life on

Why is it that the world it's not progressed? 
When the great architectural monuments were built on the earth, humans had little money and immense connection to God.
The reasoning below has not followed;- slave forces are employed with paper and metal objects/coins that have significant value to objects/goods that destroy the life force of the planet. 

Maybe humans don't know how to connect to God any longer. They cannot live without their shelters. Well, Soon they cannot live with them!!! 

The path to true freedom exists. Desperation from Money exists. 
Instead of working on spirituality and unconditional love amongst each other, humans have worked to create even more mortality in exchange of money!
It is an exchange of constant death!!!

Humans today have fallen from the unconditional love the Masons  and builders of the past created by providing shelter to many!!!
Long gone are the thoughts;-
If you have little money and the ability to build a house. You can have a house of your own someday.

If you have billions of dollars yet no ability to build a house. You will never have a house that is truly your own. 

Today, for humanity to survive they must leave the finite interactions of their numbers system. Every interaction to make finite sets of human interactions must cease! It's very existence is collapsing What remains of the life force God gave to the Earth. 
Nuclear war & energy destroys God's lesser spiritual beings. This is a sign of the need to keep What remains, the remnants of God's creation. It was a grand project, souls will be annihilated.

Spirituality & Light giving orders

  • Light - what is it?
  • False Teachers
Light is Light esteemed on its own & encompasses the Duality of the Ying-Yang concepts. Ying-Yang washes away the "good & evil" of human actions with perception of the Read (like colors juxtaposed). Many people are familiar with the "Dark" side.  To accept "life force" through the filter of conditional and finite human belief systems like "money" is not of God. If life force is equated to money in actuality;- most human activity would stop and halt if it were an absolute fact of existence.

Light giving, sounds super obscure. To give, the intangible "light" or more appropriately "to distribute" light. Light, is what spiritualists call by different names and have different Quality;
Human Light without God= Source,  Life Force, Chi(Ch), Reiki (JP), Photons,
Human Light with God = God's Light, Divine Light, Okiyome (JP), Heilstrom(De).

Some religions consider "distributing light" the same as blessing objects, food, living beings with an extra dose of God's source energy. it can become more obscure with occult pendants/talismans with "Alien technology", Guardian angel, other "hired" angels, guiding Pleiadians (or other ET), or a deceased spirit of a prior member/spiritualist as claims.

"The Devil is Mighty, God is Almighty." ~ Bruno Groening, master healer & mystic

Highly desired: Find a donation based teacher or "free" access to teachings and do book research.

Undesired:  Entrapments and disruption from Light based organizations/cults and spiritualists cause by social pressure of giving donations.

Light is "assumed" to be given when a person develops the attribute of unconditional love further.
However, part of the teaching that runs consistent is that there are False Teachers.
These "False Teachers" are the organizations and sects of spiritualists and religions who attempt to pilfer the pockets of their students. This seems to be more prevalent in Euro-centric countries and traditions that don't have "free" monastery based educational & boarding systems.

Charging for Light service/ learning and demanding donations is considered to be on the same plane as the martial arts fopas to 'charge' for lessons;- lending itself to corruption of an influx of money and glitz that stems from perpetuators of crime. This is regardless of what God lets humans do.
To stay on the path of light, is regardless of the social constructs of Human social systems;- difficult indeed. God, does not force us to be part of the Divine energy source. It is part of God's plan, to allow us to remain flawed in our sins and die. Asking forgiveness is possible. Transcending the limitations of this existence remains in our abilities to navigate the asteroid belt of dark matters that others put in our path.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hawaii Govt. killing Ex-IM

My USA Export Import politica life on Oahu;-  
Trying to find security here on Oahu is very difficult for me. I need personal space on days like today. Personal space of being left alone to cry in utter anguish. I am burning both ends of the candle so to speak. That "all light" diet seems to be coming to my life soon as the world is so terse. I've tried my best to hang on for everyone else...despite their sheer ignorance.

My prior apartment/house in Mililani were frequently broken into. That probably includes Military intelligence. Some of those compromising security were the security officers themselves due to how impoverished the cost of living is and a lack of "legitimate" funds for their personal credit rating to remain intact.

-The Kapahulu end of Waikiki is out due to Japanese gangs who own hotels on island. 
- Some of the gangs seem to manipulate online browsing;- Craigslist, etc.
- Hawaii Kai has gone to the Koreans who are blatantly racist due to Samsung's 50mil home being built in the neighborhood.
- St. Louis heights goes to Mexican mafia who have dominated in the federal buildings construction contracts & security on island. 

That's just for a few. I'm exhausted from the tension I feel today. I want a safe quiet space of my own where I can use the bathroom quietly and know when I enter someone isn't going to try and kill me. 

I wish I could say to the dumdums -- what I think of them exactly:- how bad their perception is skewed. 

USA + North Korea vs Japan

Apparently it wasn't spiritually enough for the USA to have already broken my heart to pieces this past decade;- today I got the news that North Korea has launched missiles at Japan. My heart, I thought I felt no more, is in great pain.

30' foot Archangel & acre of rainbow in sky.

There were distinct atmospheric changes in what I would call an approx 1.5mile radius.
Today,  a large archangel approx 30' foot tall appeared in my spiritual perception. The sky/ atmosphere was grey, cloudy, cold, and rainy. Beyond the archangel/ dark angel was a very wide rainbow patch in against more sunny clouds;- seeming to be over 20"wide in the sky going towards Kailua, Hawaii on Oahu.

No leprechauns 

ACV - Best Car Freshner ever

Apple Cider vinegar (ACV)bottle of Bragg's;- It opened in my car and soaked in the passenger carpet & seat. OMG!
It stunk so bad for 2 days.
HOWEVER, the 3rd day after it all evaporated.
My car didn't have any damp moldy smell from tropical rain, there were no cockroaches.
I think it killed everything and smelled new and fresh.
Good thing my interior is a light color & Cloth!

Now, I keep a spray bottle of
Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with a couple teaspoons of ACV & water
and a few drops of wintergreen to freshen my cloth car interior.

Works great.

Personal check-in - a MK

Today, I'm just really angry. I suppose it's like my monk said after my meditations lead me to a complete center of pure rage, "maybe you need to feel anger". I tried to live  and peacefully control my moods every day. 

I lived in normal American environments, exposed to normal biological factors. The person who was my brother;- was exposed to the worst Irradiation. We are the World's actual test dummies for consumer stupidity and poor decisions. We are a test group of the biological actuality of nuclear weapons usage. I, have been asked to write "a book" since I was 21. Today I am in my 40's.

As a part of this civilian USA & Japan governments influenced social program called MK Ultra;- as well as genetical program after Hiroshima was bombed; – and sadly raised within arms reach of Rosacrucians cult leaders in Bucks County, PA. I'm infuriated at the people who are civilians who have profited from the government experiments that have so influenced my life in every aspect. 

For me, it has been a lifetime of psychological protocol from MK ultra protocols that I have been fighting.  My controllers know that I was able to create a conscious partition in my memory  to where i was able to store and thus able to clearly recollect otherwise "unconscious programming sessions."  They called this my defiance disorder when I was 25. I I survived Everything from protocol administered physical, psychological, and emotional torture to financial devastation. At 17, I entered a liberal arts college in Ithaca, NY as a dual major set to have 2 Bachelor's degrees by 21 and my 1st Master's degree by 22. Instead I went into my "Alice program protocol" and became an organizer who founded an active rights group & voted president of the environmental society. I delved into my own physical fitness and also visual arts including turn of century DIY computer animation at the advent of the 1st G3 computer. At which point my controllers from same town Cornell University sloppily implanted NLP enneagrams that I was able to express to the community with conscious awareness. It was a relentless battle for me at that time. 

Today, the public talks about MK Ultra as if it happens everywhere & to everyone like sliced bread. They tout killing the planet with their highly toxic lifestyles as "uncontrollable" because of their slave mentality. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cost of Living in Hawaii

Hypothetical clean living indoors in a place that is NOT infested with rats. Even at $1500 there still may be Rats fighting over food in the kitchen;- I've heard of places for $2100/month with rat infestation issues. 
My main issue is health related with mold. 

20 days to work in a month 5 day workweek. 
$1500 apartment / 20 days = $75
$300 utilities / 20 days = $15
$1800 a month /20 days = $90/ day

Tax @ 12% would be like $285 a month.
This doesn't include food costs, transportation, other basic bills.
Looks like time to leave the Rainbow State!!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Growing up Half Japanese in a white community

Like other "successful" kids I attended church and High school with, I was pulled out of my Classes during school to attend Ala-teen meetings. My parents faults were blaring to my community that was already heavily white supremacist influenced. It was a difficult balancing act for me to maintain since I was teetering on the brink on being thrown into foster care in an unacceptable and racist community. My parents abuse was overshadowed by the negtivity I endured throughout my public school years In Quakertown, Pa. it had been difficult to separate the bruises I was smattered with from girls beating me up each recess in front of teAchers and the ones I received at home for not being a worthy student. I was told that Corporal punishment wasn't illegal in Pennsyvania so I really didn't matter to the school or church ( where more abuses happened).
It was something I endured and kept my hope up since I knew I had acceptance in my other home country of Japan.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sick of Majority attitudes.

I don't consider most of my activist/ organizing life as a "minority, mixed race, dual citizen, female"  to be a "privilege" in the USA, aside from the fact that I wasn't immediately slaughtered like those living in communist countries. The activism stems from a severe lack of healthy friendships, support, and caring throughout my education from Nursery school through the start of my Master's degree.
There simply is only so much one person can do of their own volition, despite the ridicule and abuse the surrounding community dishes out and then decry that they are the one's being punished because hearing my complaint is "highly offensive" to them.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The martial art of finding peaceful space

Even when one is in a mostly violent environment, there are very tiny physical places to exist in peace if only momentarily. Not all space is occupied by violent assault against physical existence.  
Each time we breathe it is an affirmation of living the great gift;- the melody of God's will & divine order. 

Death, Environment & Peace

The most common way of death (to die), will be the most likely cause of death. 

Monday, March 07, 2016

Feminism, tampons,& Hawaii

There has got to be a way. Oahu, isn't the Mecca of untamed Brazilian bikinis after Big Wave season and the surfers leave North Shore by March.  
So rest of the year, women- are heavyset housewives, pastey, untanned, skinny, can't stand on the beach when white water washes in after the low tide shore break Tourists and residing foreigners. 
I hope u get the picture. 
So for the rest of the local women who are exotic prey to the men visiting the islands 366/24/7;- maybe the others don't understand we can't ALWAYS keep a stock of emergency tampons!!!
Since they ELImINaTeD almost all tampon dispensers in every restroom, local women ask for tampons from each other...there goes emergency stock. Then for those of us who are active and use soft. Cups or diva cups- accidents accumulated blood to happen and 1 tampon isn't enough backup to have in Just lucky it's not in the Sharkie waters of O beach.
Plus;- they stopped selling TRaVEL size packs. So, no shopping, no events, and only the slimmist evening  bag. For those of us who like natural plan, taking pills to stop The Flo isn't a good option.
Ugh...prices are ridiculous!!!!

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hawaii guys- "Community Leader" type

The "Community Leader" 
He is respected by his community through a variety of organizations. Not all of these men are bad to date, however, watch out for the bad ones. Underneath their strong & statured posturing as a role model;- the stress will be vented somewhere where he thinks no one is looking. Every type of abuse can be dished out freely financial, physical, emotional. Usually the financial & physical abuse are firsts and he considers your emotional response to him "your problem alone" because His feelings are superior and more worthy of attention.  He may be single & seem baggage free. However, because of his position, he firmly believes that the social organizations for abused women exist specifically so he CAN abuse women and not feel bad about it because "someone" will take care of them. 
If you can't handle making a community spectacle of your disaster, you will suffer silently & alone.

Church or no church

BSitting trying to decide to go to church or not in 20min. It's not that I don't have a belief in God. It's the hogwash of condescending & outright judgemental congregations that I can't stand from the moment I walk in the door. For the Lutherns, how I was raised, the complete  negative environment of white supremacy  prevails. Then in Hawaii, I already found out that the Japanese & Koreans here feel the need to be more outright evangelists and whiter than anyone;- without much of an inkling for regular Christian values in daily life. It's a shame I have a tan. I'm too dark for them now. 
Ugh. Then another round of telling me I don't know how to meditate or breathe correctly followed by their derogatory remarks that they send sailing in my direction. Ugly;- in entirety. I am in utter disgust. 

Friday, March 04, 2016

Small Space Craft to fall to earth

Use your chi/ life energy force to keep the beings in these craft alive. When they crash to the earth they loose the cosmic force that is outside the earth's atmosphere that they use to stay afloat. Unless you channel your chi/ light force, life force to these small craft, they will not survive. Please take them to a temple where monks and others meditate all day.
Several small and very heavy spacecraft, much like a traditional flying saucer. Small as in within the circumference of a basketball, yet much heavier & denser like a lead weight with an usual center of gravity. (yet still within carrying weight with both hands). They are very heavy and with a matted metallic sheen. The surface is detailed, with some windows if any;- yet there are no other apparent openings to pry open.
These craft will glow with light/ life force if you are able to channel and
focus your energy to them.

Please take them to a Temple for Buddha or Krishna if you come upon one of these craft. They are precious beings from God & the heavens.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Starbucks Vs Coffee Bean

Starbucks new rewards program that starts up soon had me weighing in the collection of coffee shop spending cards I have piled up. It's Hawaii (the Coffee State--they could put beans on my license plate & I'd be happy) I have at least a half dozen  locations I frequent. 
This is in the order of like ability, not convenience:- 

1. Green World coffee
2. Coffee Bean
3. Taco Bell (yes I like their coffee & drive through & will splurge on a dry & cheeseless potato soft taco for $1.39 )
4. Starbucks 
5. 7-11

My demographic;- vegan on the paleo side. coffee, nuts, occasional meal my NY bagel, and coffee or tea lattes & Americano made with Almond milk #1&2 carry. Or coconut milk or occasional soy. Free wi-if for my online international spiritual group meetings and to catch up on Asian politics news & elections. 

Starbucks has little value when I weigh it out on spending $$ for rewards instead of per drink. Except convenience and domination in airports. 

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

My most recent letter to Starbucks

Many times I am a customer at Starbucks here on Oahu, your staff makes me look like I have a problem. Today, I decided to write because I purchased a toasted bagel, and they gave me only 1jam packet. I took a photo so you can see how a thin layer covers the surface area of only 1&1/2 of the bagel. 
Otherwise I am unhappy with the racism directed at me from some of your "Caucasian" baristas who say they can't understand  my English. I'm 41 and attended Ithaca College and Cornell University and have been a PR spokesperson for environmental groups and currently do volunteer for an international spiritual 501c3 as well as Hawaii for Hillary. I also happen to have been a USA rep for EX-IM as I have a somewhat political but definitely corporate founding family relatives in Japan. I know people judge by appearances here in Hawaii. 
I also wish you would have almond milk on your menu. My nutritionist dislikes my eating soy, grain, fruit. I am allowed nuts, coffee, tea, and veggies, avocado. I saw the rewards program is changing and so I want to tell you;- I will have to switch to Coffee Bean entirely:- because they have almond milk. And for a little more their bagels (convenience for me) have PB on them and I can take bananas off. I am not supposed to eat fruit with any other foods. 
Additionally, dairy Milk is expensive on this island. Aside from my veganism;- many people here regularly drink soy and almond milk, which is also less expensive at the market. 
I love the convenient locations of Starbucks;- but if $ for $ I have to choose between you and Coffee Beanery;- they will win. 

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Ideal illusions today

TPP is old talk in the USA already. Long forgotten is Hillary's conversation about generating economic support in 3rd world ASEAN nations for WOMEN to sell in online cottage industry. The actuality of it occurring is that it generated some $120mil in revenue
For Obama's childhood Home State, despite a more "Republican" canter that WILL always happen when dealing when not scorching and burning nations that USA engages in EX-IM.

For yours truly;- the politics are a total wash of actuality disparity and well intentioned thoughts that amount to less than nothing. The stress placed on me to perform in business with such anticipation of cash flow directly from Japan is so misplaced. That is in actuality aside from some personal commitment to info flow.
If u read my blog the politics of misperceptions plagues my life at the ground level. I'm back to thinking in terms of ideal illusions. 

2016 Presidential Campaigns are for WW3

Today I received a Honolulu, HI Hillary Clinton Office call from a 69 year old woman named Caroline. The call was asking me to do some phone banking 4:30pm-8pm Hawaii Time from the Business district/ Chinatown office.

After spending the morning trying to clear my energy in meditation, I've come to realize that this 2016 Presidential Election is not about the Trade Deals &  It is not about popularity or women's issues or American Jobs.

This 2016 Election is about which candidate will be the BEST equipped American President to perform through WW3.