Saturday, February 27, 2016

War of *Children - cult of Sukyomahikari

Sukyomahikari member contacted me while I was beginning a session on an Scumann Frequency Mat while being stricken with only a Toxic black mold in my bloodstream. She wouldn't leave the space and at the advice of the Services overseer's, I caved to agree to receive light for her sake.

Shortly after Sukyomahikari contacted me, my life fell apart in entirety.

I joined SukyoMahikari In February 2015 after a "divine act" of my next day's membership class fee of $250 appearing in my life overnight. My first month, I spent 6-8hrs a day at the Dojo giving light (Okiyome), and taking 50 minutes each day to receive Okiyome. I didn't make it through the year with the very intense Omitama and cruel conservative attitudes of the Japanese women in the Dojo once I joined. People around me said I looked drained like I hadn't slept. There were random odd occurances of my car breaking down and the unusual appearances of other Sukyomahikari members.
I even had taken "selfies" before and after I attended the Dojo since this is a Light based practice.
The selfies looked somewhat normal. However they did show severely large and darker areas around my eyes than normal even for being tired, my face had a "death mask" on it.

I returned the Omitama several times to be reconsecrated. The Omitama itself felt like it held "fear" of another being. It was like a lost scared and hungry kitten clinging to me with claws extended.
By August of 2015, I returned the Omitama not to rejoin. I had been disgusted by the smell of "sex" at the signin table. And then appauled that they were conducting Hula in the basement. After I left the daily presence of the Cult a 2nd time and returned my Omitama, (yes I could lie like other members about its HOLINESS), I was called to pick up the Omitama. When I tried to make arrangements, the basement of the Center had been flooded (or Cleansed). The Sukyomahikari members and staff told me I could only enter at certain times because they lost the entire basement level to Waterdamage. The waterdamage was talked about in a happy manner that they couldn't believe that such a freak accident could happen. The building flooded from the outside, as drainage grates were clogged from a pipe that burst in a planter. Then the water continued to seep overnight in the lower stairwell till it was filled, and then continued to seep through the door at the bottom of the staircase.
I thought and felt I had seen enough. I left several times due to other members not heeding my request of not pressing into my cerebral spinal system too hard. I felt that they were intentionally trying to hurt me.

 I did learn that the "will of God" was presented as any member saw fit as they all contained some of God like a "drop of water from the Ocean is still Ocean". However, the continual presentation of "God's Plan for Humanity" was irritating.  To me, there is one plan GOD has for all of us, and that is DEATH.

Today, in Metaphysical hindsight;- I feel that the Cult has a figurehead who used to practice a Chinese form of Wizardry in Dao. Shapeshifting, connecting spiritual cords of members, and tying his spirit to the Mortal human world to become a greater metaphysical entity. Since he spent his time on the Planet Earth as a Japanese Military leader, I do not want my more peaceful energies to be used by such an entity. He may be a black eyed child of the stars when he returns in form again.